Emil Nava is the UK director that the stars go to when they want a hot video to add to a banging cut think-Delilah or Rita Ora. It’s no surprise then that Emil’s been asked to help the Brit awards go off with an explosion of seismic proportions.

In celebration of MasterCard’s 15th year as partner of The BRIT Awards, Delilah, Rita Ora and Conor Maynard are giving music fans the chance to star in a Priceless Remake of one of their music videos and feature in The BRIT Awards 2013 TV advertising breaks all shot by the man himself Emil.

In the lead up to this Flavour got a little time with Emil to talk about this coming venture.

You have built a name for dropping amazing videos like Rita Ora’s Shine Ya Light, are you going to be pushing them hard?

I think it is important that they have a lot of fun. In truth when I am working with any artist I feel that things should be generally fun and entertaining. I do not want them to be nervous but it should be great because MasterCard have given me all my team and so it will be a friendly atmosphere.

What was it like working with Delilah?

She is good to work with her and it is always good to work with someone that has a vision of what they want and that then gives me a clearer vision of where they want to be.

Which video will be the most challenging to do?

They are all offering different things like Rita’s has many different sets, loads of costume changes and then you have Conor which is out on the street in the skate park then a house party so there a re a few different locations and then Delilah is all on the street at night so they will all be quite intense videos.

What characteristics will the people taking part in the day need to make it easier?

Well they will need to be mentally and physically a bit strong because you are in and out through locations and clothes then it can be cold so that is probably what will help them.

What’s in the pipeline for you?

I am about to shoot Aluna George who I really like and we are going to do something really exciting so that will be great. I have a film in the pipeline which I am writing and I will hopefully start shooting that in summer. I think with the music videos I really want to push myself because I have done a few of them.

For a chance to enter the competition go to Somethingforthefans.co.uk