Croatia is one of the most stunning countries to visit, not only can you immerse yourself in the island life but you can also do it on the cheap.

While Croatia seems fairly untouched, tourists from around the world are jumping on the band wagon to sail around the pristine islands on an affordable budget.

Why sail?

Not only will you get to experience the beauty of Croatia by sea, but you also don’t have to worry about the itinerary and food!

This is simply a must do when you’re in the country, there really is no other way to experience to crystal blue waters that the islands have to offer.

It’s almost like picking a yacht just for you and your friends. And for those super awesome solo travellers, you can also go solo and make some new friends on the boat.


There are many companies that are offer different tours on sailing in Croatia, and one of them is Koda Sail who specialises in Croatian Island Cruising for 20-35 year-old travellers.

The person who runs this company is Aussie fellow Chris Koda Tabone. Tabone has several years of experience as a tour guide and has also been crowned 5th place as Guide of the Year. 

Koda’s goal is simple. It’s to bring luxury back to young travellers without compromising on price. Basically Tabone brags about giving you a Ferrari with a Toyota budget.

The tours organise everything for you, from which islands to visit, where to eat and what to do. Of course you can still have a little free time for yourself should you need it.

The only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the week sailing Croatia and exploring the crystal blue Adriatic along the amazing Dalmatian coastline during summer.

Koda offers three tours to choose from: This Is Koda Sail, The Dalmatian Voyager and for those who want to mix music with sailing Koda Beats Tour.

So what are you waiting for? Spend your European summer differently and sail around Croatia.

Koda Sail is offering Flavourmag readers €150 off on all trips left for the summer. Simply enter this code: KODASALE on the website.

*Subject to availability.