If I said that I like the artists Espa it would be like saying that Sepp Blatter is a little shady-it would of course be an understatement of huge magnitude for he is so shady that mafia bosses cringe in fear when he enters a room-Espa in turn is my new found muse.

The talented artist Espa drops the dazzling Pray For Me and simply put this is a consummate, all mesmerising track that manages to be old skool soul while bringing production from Hoskin that is evidently very much now. She is a name that has the potential for some really big things towards the end of the year and the beginning of 2016.

The track comes from her interestingly named ep LG60 (which is currently being mastered) and it really has me salivating for that full release in summer-got to say love that cover image!

Look out I will be bringing a lot more form the talented Espa.

PHOTO CREDITS: Holly Silius & Espa  collaboration on Hair and Make-Up concept and design.


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