With Everybody Wants Some, acclaimed Writer and Director Richard Linklater has given us a slightly autobiographically story of his college years, where baseball, parties, and pussy are the only things that young men think about.

Back in 1993 Linklater brought us Dazed and Confused, a story about small town high school life in the 70’s, he has since gone on to create 2014’s critically acclaimed Boyhood. However, Everybody Wants Some has seen him return to his roots for some hilarious jock behaviour which takes place the very weekend before the start of a new college year. On the agenda for a house full of baseball, jocks includes copious amounts of alcohol fuelled parties, pulling as many ladies as possible, getting high and generally being chumps by playing numerous pranks on the newbie’s all set to a funky 70’s early 80’s soundtrack.

Everybody Wants Some


When Jake (Blake Jenner) – a freshman who at high school was a hero on the baseball field – arrives at his frat-like home is greeted with hostility from Glenn (Tyler Hoechlin) and fellow roommate Roper (Ryan Guzman) he soon realises it’s time to grow up. Things are about to change in a big way. Considering the film revolves around a bunch of baseball athletes we hardly witness any on-field activities. Instead, it’s almost a competition as to who and how many times they can get laid.

The charismatic and smooth Finn (Glen Powell) takes Jake under his wing, although he is full of pranks he is one of the good guys. Finn and Roper (Ryan Guzman) takes Jake for a little car tour around the girl’s dorm but whilst Finn gets shamelessly rebuffed by the slight Beverly (Zoe Deutch), she takes a shine to Jake and the feeling is certainly mutual. Thus begins Jakes adventure to win the girl but not without experiencing the club hopping and party throwing either.

Everybody Wants Some


The ensemble cast is made up of practically unknown actors but that simply doesn’t matter here, all bring their own individual charismatic charm to the table. There is something about each guy that makes them likeable no matter how much of a dick they seem to be.  The line-up consists of the nice guys, Stoner Willoughby (Wyatt Russell who just happens to be the offspring of Kurt and Goldie Hawn) and Dale (J Quinton Johnson). Billy (Will Brittain), Jakes roommate and a royal pain in the backside stiff.

Everybody Wants Some


There are many raucously hilarious and memorable moments from the guys cruising down the highway reciting all the lyrics to The Sugarhill Gang’s 1979 Rapper’s Delight to the extremely angry McReynolds kicking off in a club getting the guys all kicked out. Even though the film is laden full of the typical frat dick jokes it is in no way offensive or feels juvenile. Just like the soundtrack changes from the funky soul and disco tunes at the beginning to the rock and punk, Linklater has created a relatable trip down memory lane, which ultimately has that search for one’s identity as you grow into an adult at its core.

Everybody Wants Some is in Cinemas May 13.

Everybody Wants Some
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everybody-wants-some-reviewEverybody Wants Some is a fun and relatable comedy that will universally appeal to anyone from those embarking on their own journey into adulthood right through to those who experienced exactly what plays out on the screen. Linklater has aced it yet again.