As everyone knows, getting married is the perfect excuse for an epic night or weekend away – a hen party is your chance to do the things you enjoy, with the mates that make you smile, without worrying about what anyone thinks.

If you want to dance like an idiot, dress like a hooker, and generally misbehave, this is your opportunity to throw some shapes and flash some flesh! Let’s face it, you might not get many more chances, so make the most of it!

Whether you’re planning a night (or three!) of completely irresponsible drinking in the coolest clubs around, an extended retail therapy session in a chic European city, a trusty spa retreat away from the hustle and bustle, or some crazy combination of the above, God help anyone who stands in your way!

With so many options to choose from, plus the latest celebrity hen party trends to emulate, there’s definitely no excuse for running out of ideas. Whilst there are all kinds of destinations and activities to choose from, there are some that clearly remain more popular than others – check out this pinkalicious infographic from Girly Night Out:

Girly Night Out

Based on just under 40,000 hen party bookings made over the last year, Manchester leads the way as the most popular hen destination in the UK, most likely thanks to its world-class nightlife and fun-loving atmosphere.

Barcelona was way out in front as the top overseas destination for Britain’s brides to be, leaving the somewhat seedier pleasures of Prague and Amsterdam in its wake.

When it comes to daytime activities, pampering is definitely popular, but it can’t compete with cocktail mixing, and what better way to follow that up than a night on the tiles, VIP-style?

Are you planning a hen weekend some time soon? We’d love to know what you’ve got in mind…