A true lady’s makeup bag is always with her. Let’s find out how to place only essential items into your cosmetic pack to make it light and comfortable.

Examine Your Cosmetic Bag: How to Leave Only Essentials

A cosmetic bag for a lady is something like a raid backpack for a special forces soldier. No matter if a lady is a student reading a paper owl review and deciding whether or not the company is worth attention, an office worker rushing to get the job done on time, or a businesswoman arriving at negotiations with potential partners, a makeup bag should always be nearby.

It would be best if you had that pack of cosmetics with you because it gives you confidence. Its destination is to let you fix slight issues with makeup and cover your back in certain situations while not being too heavy. I already asked pros to write my essay for me cheap, so I’ve got some time to start a cosmetic trip with you. Let’s see which items are essential to be in that small, light, and mobile makeup bag of a true lady.

  1. Makeup Remover Wipes

It can be a tiny pack of universal wipes suitable to remove makeup from your eyes and face. Maybe, you’ll feel more comfortable using individually packed wipes – they’re small, so it’s not too difficult to carry them in a little bag. And of course, it is clever to keep a large wipe pack somewhere: you never know when they’ll be required.

  1. Mascara

Mascara definitely is among the essential things you should carry in a basic makeup bag. It is the game-changer. Mascara can underline your eyes when necessary, refresh your look, turn regular makeup into evening one, and more. With mascara nearby, your possibilities are almost unlimited.

  1. Lipstick

Is it okay to have just one lipstick in your everyday bag? No! It should contain at least three: a lighter one for a regular, daily look, a darker solution for the evening, and of course, a classical red stick is a must-have.

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  1. Powder

Which of them to take? It can be light matting powder or a denser one. Everything depends on the features of your skin. For more comfort, you may prefer matting wipes instead of powder.

  1. Toner

The best toner for a handy makeup bag is a small one. A tiny tube is a top option here. Ask for that trial portion of your favourite solution in a makeup store, and you’ll have a comfortable toner dose with you all the time. Isn’t it cool?

  1. Concealer

Concealers are suitable not only to mask some temporary skin issues or hide those black eyes after a couple of sleepless nights. It has multiple usage cases that are not always obvious, so you can count on a concealer much more than you think.

  1. Lip Balm

There can be two of them: one for the spring and summer seasons, and the other for autumn and winter. For summer, the SPF-protection is the best property of lip balms. Such solutions can protect gentle skin layers from negative sunray effects (UV rays).

  1. Facial Cream

The best option would be the “2 in 1” cream, the one applicable for your face and eyes at once. For a tiny cosmetic bag, here is a tip: if you are used to buying a large pack of your favourite solution at once, find a smaller container to carry the same cream but to fit in your essential makeup set more easily.

  1. Face Primer

Primers for your face are different, and you should pick one depending on your preferences and skin type. A matting primer is suitable if you want to hide some pointy imperfections, while a shining one can correct your face skin colour in the required zones.

  1. Cream Blushes

Here, the same rule applies: a universal solution is the most suitable one. So, the top cream blushes for your basic makeup bag are two in one: blushes combined with a lip tint.

  1. Eyebrow Solution

This one depends exclusively on your needs, preferences, and tastes. A pencil, wax, shadows, eyebrow gels, or anything else you use should always be at hand.

  1. Universal Palette or Neutral Shadows

A minimal set of makeup shadows is a must-have for an essential yet minimalistic cosmetic bag for ladies. For instance, put there your individual palette with shades picked for you specially. If you need some recommendations, check out  ​ for trendy Korean makeup looks you have to try.

To Conclude

Having twelve cosmetic solutions mentioned above in your makeup bag will allow you to feel confident and remain beautiful throughout the day. Besides, using small containers will help you make your essentials’ bag really tiny and comfortable to carry.