jordan and perri

For those that don’t know who Jordan and Perri are, I’ll jog your memory a little bit.

Jordan and Perri are part of the world-famous dance group ‘Diversity’, touring the world and presenting awards across the pond. Jordan and Perri will be hitting the orange carpet interviewing some of the biggest celebrities and Nickelodeon Stars. From Friday 12th of February, Nickelodeon viewers can catch a weekly web-show every Friday leading up to the awards on

jordan and perri kca

The Kids Choice Awards otherwise known as The KCAs is an annual award show that celebrates the year’s biggest TV, music and Film acts as voted by nickelodeon viewers. You can catch the kids choice awards on Sunday 13th of March from 5pm on Nickelodeon.

So this is your third year hosting the awards, what are you most looking forward to?

J– Yes it’s our third year of hosting, I think what we are most looking forward to is getting out and seeing how much bigger they can possibly make it, I think the first year we went out there it was crazy, the second year was even bigger so this year hopefully they are going exceed our expectations and they are going to go crazy.

Do you ever get nervous while presenting? 

J – yeah I think we both get nervous, we get nervous when we talk because that buzz is something you never get use to so when your presenting as well when its something that is still relatively new to us, we got a passion for it, we really enjoy doing it but its not something that was the first thing that came to our minds to do so now it something like a new sort of thing that we have ventured into we always get nervous and always try and do the best that we can.

Have you ever interviewed someone on the carpet and been lost for words?

P – Well, I love the TV show ‘The Flash’ and the guy who plays The Flash was there and obviously I had no idea so we got him for an interview and I was completely starstruck, it was a bit weird but it was cool, he’s a cool guy.

What celebrity are you most looking forward to meeting?

J- That’s the thing we have said it quite a few times, that’s the cool thing about the KCA’s you never know who is going to be there, obviously there is a list of amazing nominees and stuff like that, I’m sure there is going to be some epic there but it never really hits you until your standing on the carpet, you turn around and there could be Selena Gomez walking up one way, I remember last year it would be David Hasselhoff walking the other, all these massive names walking around you, its crazy so I’m not even sure I’m just looking forward to the event itself.

Who would you like to see get slimed this year?

P – If Grumpy cat is there I hope he gets slimed because I don’t think his expression would change, he would pull it off, and it would be on a page in his new book

J – Yeah it would be a good look

What do you get up to on your time off?

P – Normally when we are not performing, or filming stuff with Nickelodeon, the group trains every single day, so if we are not rehearsing for tour, rehearsing for a TV performance we will be at the studio practising, most days off is just training for us.

Besides the KCA, what have you got coming up this year?

J – Ok so later this on year Diversity will be heading to china for a tour, its our first tour there and we are really excited by that, Ash is launching a couple of new TV shows, which we are going to be involved in as well which is going to be cool so some new exciting projects for the group, we have another arena tour at the start of next year which will go on throughout the year, teaching, festivals stuff like that, I’m really excited for it.

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