She’s already proving those family genes pack a powerful punch. Hollie Cook the daughter of renowned rock ‘n’ roll Sex Pistol star Paul Cook, and beloved god daughter of Boy George, is a bonafide singer and songwriter who is following in her father’s hefty footprints. But Hollie’s musical standpoint as a reggae artist is something, which not any of us expected. This, of course, doesn’t take away from the fact that she and her dad are also heavily enthused by the genre. “He loves reggae. He grew up in West London and from a young age was hugely influenced by Jamaican music,” said Hollie.

While, the Cook lineage has now signed, sealed and delivered a new star, if nothing else, it’s worth stating that Hollie’s bass heavy sound is in a field of its own. Let’s admit it, the musical bug is genetic. Now, following on from her self-titled debut, ‘In Dub,’ the ‘Tropical Pop’ star has now begun work on her brand new album.  Hollie takes a minute away from the studio to talk about her obsession with Amy Winehouse, working with Dennis Bovell,  her hangover cures, and why she is “really proud” of her dad.

You’ve achieved so much in a relatively short period of time, what have been the highlights of your journey so far?

There have been a couple of things. Being on Jools Holland’s show was a massive highlight. The fact that it was so long ago and so early on in what was going on seems ridiculous. I played so many shows last summer. I also love being on the move and playing in different places too, and I got to do so much of that last year.

What made you decide to become a singer?

II don’t know if I ever really decided to become a singer. I just always sang. It was just a natural thing. I wasn’t as comfortable or confident doing other things. Which I suppose is strange as I’m quite shy. Go figure.

Were you the sort of gwho performed in front of the mirror? 

Not necessarily in front of the mirror, but definitely in front of my parents and their friends. My friends and I were always putting together little performances of songs or dance routines and being general show offs.

IMG_4747Do people ever make a big deal over who your dad is? 

 Sometimes. It’s just one of those things I suppose. It’s always something I played down. I’m really proud of my dad. He’s been a great father my whole life. That’s the stuff that counts

Does he like reggae, or does he just like your reggae?

He loves reggae. He grew up in West London and from a young age was hugely influenced by Jamaican music and culture.

What was his response when you told him you wanted to be a singer?

I think he always knew I wanted to. I had a big interest in music and performing from a young age. We always listened to and played music together. We still do now, so it was probably as natural and normal for him as it was for me.

Has anyone ever heard your last name, and randomly said, “Hey, your last name is Cook similar to Paul Cook?”

[Laughs]…No. I like to try, and get away with telling people Sam Cooke is my grandfather even though our name has got different spellings anyway.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

I’m not sure. Good advice is always floating around whether it’s being directed at you or not. I suppose it just depends what you choose to pay attention to. Probably just to do what feels right and be true to yourself.

How would you define your sound? What’s the Hollie Cook process of making music?

Tropadelic disco lovers rock. The process can sometimes be me having an idea in my head for a matter of months before I’m ready to execute it. Sometimes Prince Fatty will play me rhythms he’s been working on and ideas will come to mind in a matter of minutes, sometimes the genius that is Barth Corbelet will write a song with me in mind, and I’ll instantly fall in love with it. We’ve brought separate ideas together and they fit into formed songs. There’s no specific formula or process that works any better than any other.

What’s the best cure for a hangover?

I don’t really get terrible hangovers, but I was throwing my guts up with horrific (and rare) alcohol poisoning just last week and my mum actually came over to my flat cooked me an f..king amazing breakfast. What a saint. Nothing has ever sorted me out quite like that did. Failing that a Lucozade and a fry up at the local cafe and endless cups of tea is the next best thing.

Are you very hands on with your image and keeping control of your style?

I do try to make an effort. It’s all down to me. No one else is involved with that. I spend most of the time a total scruff bag and try not to let that filter over into the performance side of things too much. Although I’m just a sucker for being comfortable. I like to remind myself that all the singers I’m drawn to have a very strong image.

What fashion item or accessory could you not live without?

I love my gold earrings and rings a lot. I have this crazy weird vintage jumpsuit that I practically live in now. It fits any mood I’m in. Even when I’m having an insecure body loathing fat day I feel comfortable in that.

You’re currently in the studio working on new music. How’s it coming along?

It’s going great. The ideas for this album have been forming for a really long time now so to really get stuck in and develop them into songs and see the album start to take shape is really exciting.

034_Hollie_Cook_M_Sethi_DSC_2604Any collaborations or special features, which we should look forward to?

I’ve been working with Dennis Bovell today! I was also in the studio with Winston Francis and George Decker yesterday. So we’ll see how that turns out. Special features? Not so sure. I’d probably leave that a surprise anyway.

You seem to be a big fan of the late Amy Winehouse. What was it about her that grabbed your attention? 

She just had something that caught my attention in a big way. And she was doing something different. I had her first album on repeat forever. And then she came out with ‘Back To Black’ with all the 60’s girl group vibes and it was heavenly. A special and talented girl. So sad.

You recently tweeted: “I am starting to get really f…ked off with this cold weather bullsh%t. Someone please take me to a tropical place,” If you could be stranded on a desert island with any one person, who would it be and why?

Just one?! But I like so many people in my life. I guess my boyfriend because at least I’d still get to have sex. We also have good conversation and kindred musical interests and I’m pretty sure he’d be willing to build tree houses and learn to catch fish with me. So he ticks all the boxes.

Hollie will release her new album later this year. For more infomation you can visit her website here.