Sun Arcana

Alternative rock band Sun Arcana took to the BBC Music Introducing Stage at Reading Festival on Friday

For those that haven’t heard of Sun Arcana… Where have you been? Taking inspiration from Muse, Royal Blood, Bring Me The Horizon and Paramore, the four piece band from Essex, England previously released their EP ‘As I Take A Breath’ with an amazing sound, the support of BBC Music Introducing in Essex and a dream of making it big, I caught up with Tom, Jules,Harry and Ryan on a particularly grim day at Reading after their set which they seemed pretty proud of.

Can you tell me about your EP ‘As I Take A Breath’ ?

J- It’s our debut EP, it has six tracks on it! We released videos for each song and it’s our first officially produced EP. We’re super proud of it and happy it’s finally out. 

For those who haven’t heard of you, Can you describe your sound?

T- We’re like a mix of Muse and Paramore 

J- Yeah, I’d also say we’re a collective mix of riffs, good choruses, soaring melodies… a good mix of everything!

Where did the band name come from?

T- Basically Sun Arcana is a tarot card

S – oh cool! Very different!

T- yeah! I probably sound really pretentious but it’s basically an image of optimism and fulfilment so that’s why we chose it!   

What made you think that music is something you wanted to do? 

H- it’s what we’re good at!

T- We’re not even that good at it really, no my dad got me into music really early and I kinda just picked it up

H- I think we’ve all been into music from a really young age and we naturally just grew into it and progressed into what we are today 

If you could have any band open for you or if you could open for any band who would it be?

J- I wanna open for Muse one day

S- That’d be pretty cool

T- I’d like to open for Death From Above 

S- because they’re behind us?

T- *laughs* exactly! 

You’ve just played on the BBC Music Introducing Stage, How was that?

J- it’s so amazing to have played one of our favourite festivals.

T- I’m so grateful for the opportunity as we’ve always dreamed of playing festivals and even if it’s a smaller stage, it’s still an amazing experience

H- it’s so cool, we’re really happy to be here 

If you could choose one song to listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be?

T- do you mean one of our songs?

H- that would be erm…

S- Nope, any song?

T- Oh then mine would be Let Down by Radiohead

H – Hotel California by The Eagles

Who has the worst habits in the band?

J- well Tom’s always looking in the mirror, Harry is always on the toilet, Ryan is always moaning and I’m probably always being a bit of a dick

T- you said it mate, not us! 

Three things that you always take on tour?

H- Hairdryer

R- A neck support! 

T- and long life milk

Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?

J- yeah this is absolutely tragic, we were playing 2000 trees festival and before that we played Download Festival and I addressed the crowd and called them ‘Download’ and not once, not twice but three times and I finally realised and apologised but I got a big cheer, it was quite embarrassing!

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

J- Write music you love not for the hits

T- Didn’t Benji from Skindred say that? They’re actually super nice guys, they look like they would beat you up but really nice. 

What’s next for Sun Arcana?

T- We’re recording at the minute

H- hoping for an album next year and we’ll hopefully be doing some more shows

Sophie Bird with Sun Arcana backstage at Reading Festival 2018