When it comes to the restaurant, club, fashion, and even finance industry, Luca Maggiora has a firm hold on their concepts and what is involved in making it work.
He is partner and co-founder of Project which is one of London’s most successful west end clubs. Luca also owns a restaurant which is a traditional Italian place in Soho called B-Soho and is also partner in a healthy juice and smoothie café called moosh all while he is also creating his own fashion line… busy guy! And although some people would imply that being a young Italian man may give him natural rights to most of those industries, Luca allows FlavourMag to set the record straight on how success molds a entrepreneur like himself…

As an entrepreneur, you have to be a renaissance man of sorts. But everyone has their one passion that they could not do without. What is yours?
Finding time throughout the week to be completely on my own in front of a nice book it is a passion I definitely couldn’t do without.

Out of all the character traits it takes to become a successful businessman, in your opinion, what is the least desirable trait, although necessary?
It is necessary to completely separate friendship with business. A few of my businesses started with my friends and unfortunately sometimes you are on different paths in your life and you have to make a choice. As hard as it can be, it is a necessary step.

Consider this scenario: You notice that Francis Ford Coppola is sharing a meal at a table in B-Soho with Julia Child, Picasso, and Gianni Versace. After sharing a comment amongst themselves, they raise their cocktail glasses in your direction and smile. What would you guess was said in that comment before the salute?
Francis Ford Coppola said “Look at this guy, he looks so cool.. He should be in one of my movies”, Julia Child said ‘You’re right Francis, I’ll go and meet him after dinner and invite him in onto of my cooking shows’…Then Picasso had a good look at me and said “I should definitely paint something…I just got some great inspiration looking at that guy”…Finally Versace said “His style is immense, I want to use him for one of my campaigns”. They all look at me happy and they raise their cocktails glasses smiling.


Define “Rockstar” in six words.
Living, Dreaming, Breathing forms of Art

Do you prefer a Mixologist or a Bartender? Why?
Mixologist: Creating a great cocktail is a form of art, and I love any kind of art.

Define “Style” in seven words?
Having your own original way of dressing

The year is 2035 and your great granddaughter asks you for advice on how to become a fashion icon. What words of advice would you give?
Apart from “sleep with the right people darling it’s 2035!”?.. Jokes aside I would use an Aristotle quote: “First darling, have a definitive, clear, practical ideal, a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends: wisdom, money, materials and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end”.

Imagine Miami, Ibiza, L.A., London, and Rome were desserts and/or aperitifs. Which would be what and why?
Rome and LA would definitely be aperitifs, they are laid-back cities – cities where you can relax and have great cocktails outside with friends. Miami, Ibiza and London are party cities… you never know when your night will be over so they would definitely be desserts.

What one person, dead or alive, would you love to host at Project and why?
My grandmother. She used to love dancing. I’m sure she would wear her best shoes and dance with me all night long.

Interview by Lex Young



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