The Waterline Teaser gives us an insight on what’s to come in OWS first solo music video! Over at Flavourmag, we always get very excited at teasers!

It excites us and gives us a clue on what to expect even though we don’t know what the music video is exactly going to be like but at least it gives some clues after the long wait. After watching the behind the scenes footage, this makes me even more excited to see the music video, a few seconds in and I could already tell the music video is going to be great! Pusha T joins OWS throughout the music video.

This little teaser gives an exciting clue, which shows fans what they can expect; the music video looks like it has a range of different aspects within it which is not only exciting for us to watch but the fans as well. The behind the scenes footage shows how much effort went into making this music video!

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