Charley Palmer-Rothwell featured photo

Following up with our great interview with Charley Palmer-Rothwell back in September, we managed to bag ourselves an Exclusive Photoshoot with this talented up and coming actor.

The handsome Charley Palmer-Rothwell, who starred opposite Tom Hardy in Legend, very kindly agreed to our photo shoot in the heart of Notting Hill on a dreary wet day, but his charm and humour brought a massive smile to our faces.

charley palmer-rothwell photoshoot

Charley, wore his own clothes on the day seemed a complete natural in front of the camera, he simply oozed style even in his casual wear.

I feel like I work really hard at what I do and try to stay true to what I believe.

charley palmer-rothwell photoshoot for flavourmag

Our brilliant Photographer, Andy Commons made everything seem a breeze as he pulled out the best in Charley. He even bossed us around and we ended up being his lighting assistant.

Charley was very accommodating when a random older gentlemen wanted in on the shoot and was happy to share the camera even if the guy did nearly take away his limelight (below pic).

charley palmer-rothwell with old man

In good French cinema, you will not find one single gimmick. They make movies for the love of art & the love of life.

charley palmer-rothwell photoshoot for flavourmag

Charley on landing the role in Legend

As an emerging actor, landing the role was quite like landing on a beach in St Lucia after your plane was going down over a snowy mountain top.  Very unexpected but very nice.

charley palmer-rothwell wearing jacket

Charley Palmer-Rothwell on set with your film editor Zehra Phelan
Charley Palmer-Rothwell on set with your film editor Zehra Phelan

Photography by Andy Commons 


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