I sat down with Lyndsey and Alex from PVRIS before their show at the Kentish Town forum in London.

PVRIS recently toured the UK and are now heading to the US for their own headline show!

Can you tell me how you guys first met?

L- so we all grew up in a local scene together playing much heavier music in different bands and we met through mutual friends.

Who influenced you whilst growing up?

A-I definitely had a lot of influence growing up, my family listened to 80’s metal bands and they always would bring me to shows but I think now everything influences us.

Where’s your Favourite place to tour?

The UK!! I’m not just saying that, I really love touring the UK!

Where would you like to take this tour that you haven’t been already?

L- we would love to tour in Bath, we went there about a year ago and we absolutely loved it! We stayed in this little English cottage; it was really peaceful and nice! If we could play a show there and have a day off, it would be sick!

What’s your favourite song to play on tour?

A- this tour, my favourite is either You and I or Islands

L- I would say You and I or Ghosts

Have you had any embarrassing moments on stage?

L- All the time, I forget the lyrics sometimes and I’ll mix verses up

I walked into a LED wall one time at Madison Square Gardens

What’s the most important thing that you’ve learnt as a band in the past year?

L- To stick together and look out for each other, some bands have lots of buried tension and not everybody is on board with each other.

Will we see you guys at any UK festivals this year?

L- No not this year but we hope we get to do some next year!

Can you tell me about your album?

L- its very dark and it’s pretty dynamic! It touches on different styles of music and that’s our first record ever.

Do you feel any pressure when releasing new music?

L- not really, it’s the same record pretty much but we have three extra songs

What makes you guys stand out?

L – I think our approach to writing, we aren’t afraid to push boundaries or go over the edge! We like to experiment and take things to the next level!

I couldn’t have said it any better!

Are you guys excited to play with Bring Me The Horizon at The Royal Albert Hall?

L- yeah! It’s going to be fun!

Trying to work out if everyone is going to wear suits and ties because I’ve heard it’s very formal

L- Really? Should we dress nice?

Is there any artist that you would like to collaborate with?

L- Florence Welch, her sound and our sound would be amazing

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