zeds dead exclusive interview

On Friday night I sat down with Hooks from Canadian duo Zeds Dead backstage before their sold out show at one of London’s most famous nightclubs Heaven.

The guys were very pumped to be here and excited to perform. Although our chat was brief, we talked about their new album and dream collaborations.

How did you guys first meet?
H- We’ve known each other for a long time. We started working together in high school when we discovered we were both making similar hip-hop music. I started doing graffiti and Dylan let me do a piece in his garage and over the course of that we became friends. We showed each other our music.

Can you tell me about your album?
H- Yeah! We wanted to do this album for a really long time, since we started Zeds Dead. We’ve been together for seven years. We decided to do this album two years ago and we wanted to make a body of work.

Do you prefer playing at clubs or festivals?
H- I think both have advantages and disadvantages. When you play a club, it’s more intimate and pretty much all your own fans but when you play festivals, it’s good because you can expose your music to new people who may be there for other artists. Festivals are good platforms.

What do you love about touring?
H – Well I love travelling and getting to see the world. It’s great to experience different cultures. It’s amazing to have people who actually want you to come somewhere!

Describe your sound
H- It’s difficult to describe my sound but I think that’s more for other people really.

Who’s your dream collaboration?
H- I don’t really have a dream collaboration, I just like making music.

What’s the one thing that annoys you about each other?
H- Ermm we get along pretty good, we’ve been touring for a long time!

What are your plans for 2017?
H- We started our label and we are going to start putting out EP’s from other artists. We’ll probably just be working on new music.

Zed’s Dead album Northern Lights is out now, go to and follow them on twitter @zedsdead

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