Let’s forget about the talk surrounding Idris Elba possibly taking over as James Bond for a minute and concentrate on the big man’s directorial debut, Yardie. With it’s banging soundtrack and nostalgic throwback to Jamaica in the 70’s and London during the 80’s, Idris takes us on a volatile trip of Family Feuds.

Adapted from Victor Headley’s cult novel of the same name, YARDIE follows the story of a young Jamaican named ‘D’ (Aml Ameen) who, on arriving in early 1980s London, unexpectedly finds the young man who assassinated his revered brother back in Jamaica ten years before. His quest for justice explodes into a violent street war that could end up killing him and his loved ones.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with both leading man, Aml Ameen (Kidulthood, Sense8) and his onscreen lady, Shantol Jackson for a chat about working with Idris as a director, how the film resonates with their childhood and most importantly, those great dreads Aml had the pleasure in wearing.

Yardie is released into UK cinemas August 31.

Watch the interviews with Aml and Shantol below: