Get beach body ready in double quick time plus top tips from Leanna Kew, the spa manager The Bedford Hotels to maintain holiday beauty.

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Look your best for your holiday with the spa’s holiday prep package from just £75 per person

Holidays on the horizon? Let us pamper you and help you look your best. Treat yourself to a luxury spa day with our Holiday Prep Package.

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Our Holiday Prep Package includes a skin softening body scrub exfoliation, a full Kissed by Mii tan plus a mini manicure and mini pedicure in either a gel or a polish.  Opt for gel for longer lasting results that will see your nails looking perfect for up to three weeks later!

The holiday preparation spa package includes:

  • Exfoliating body scrub
  • Full body tan using luxurious Kissed by Mii
  • Mini-manicure (Gel or Polish)
  • Mini-pedicure (Gel or Polish)

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Tips to maintain your holiday beauty

1.) The importance of a good exfoliation should never be underestimated. The sun produces melanin in the top layer of our skin which in turn colours the top layer, giving us that bronzed glow. This layer of skin sheds approximately every 2 weeks. It is therefore important that an exfoliation like the ESPA Exfoliating Body Scrub treatment is done to ensure the skin cells are at the very start of their cycle. This will ensure your tan lasts longer and is maintained.

2.) Always lather on sun lotion! It is a common made assumption that sun tan lotion will prevent you from getting a great tan. Ensure you spread an SPF factor 10+ over your whole body and be careful not to miss any spots! As well as having great moisturising properties, sun tan lotion will prevent you from burning. This will allow your body to gradually tan, making your colour last longer.

3.) Be sure to drink a lot of water during your holiday. This will ensure your cells are well hydrated, preventing your skin from shedding quickly.

4.) To keep your holiday skin soft and supple you must moisturise at least twice a day. This works best in the morning and at night.

5.) To maintain your manicure and pedicure ensure you are applying a topcoat daily. A  clear top coat works as a barrier to protect your polish from chipping. Remember that nails always chip at the tips quickly, so apply the top coat at the tips first!

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As well as indulgent day spa packages, The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel also offers residential spa breaks. Visitors can stay at the adjacent 4-Red Star Bedford Lodge Hotel, which has 77 stylish bedrooms and suites and the hotel’s award winning restaurant, Squires.

The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, Bury Road, Newmarket, Suffolk, CB8 7BX.