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Dive into Summer with Bold New Hair Colours Inspired by Your Favourite Coca-Cola Flavours – Book Your Free Transformation Now!

Fancy trying the Cherry Cola hair trend or craving a Vanilla switch-up for Summer? Coca-Cola opens doors to the “Flavour Parlour” at Not Another Salon, giving fans the chance to fully embrace their favourite flavour drink with free hair colour makeovers inspired by Lemon, Cherry, Vanilla, and Zero Sugar flavours.

Coca-Cola aficionados will be able to book their completely free appointments by emailing [email protected] for pamper sessions between June 6th and 8th 2024

The Makeover

One of us had to volunteer (or fight to the death) to experience a hair transformation at the Coca-Cola Flavour Parlour. Luckily, I came out on top with only a few bruises! My dry, dull brown hair was transformed into the perfect cherry cola shade. Am I in love with Sophia and her team? Better save the date, because I’m ready to put a ring on it!

Here are the before and after pics…

Will I be back again to Not Another Salon? Let’s just say I have them on speed dial.

Big shout out to Dan and Deborah who also helped to create this look, they truly are the dream team.

Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon at the Flavour Parlour – Photo Credit David Parry/PA Media Assignments

We interviewed Salon founder and hair colour educator Sophia Hilton to hear what she has to say about hair trend predictions for the summer and more.

1. What inspired you to partner with Coca-Cola for the Flavour Parlour at Not Another Salon?

We’re all about allowing people to show their true colours and express themselves to the fullest using what we know best – hairstyles and colour. When they asked us to help them bring their new flavour portfolio to life, it felt like a really natural fit. We were particularly excited about the opportunity to give people the chance to have a hair makeover for free, who otherwise may not have been able to have one.

2. How did the idea of incorporating Coca-Cola flavours into hair colour transformations come about?

Thanks to Dua Lipa, Cherry Cola hair played a huge part in recent hair trends. We wanted to take this trend and find ways for people to have even more fun with their colour by bringing Coca-Cola Original, Lemon, and Vanilla to life.

3. Can you describe the process of creating the specific shades for Coke Cherry, Coke Lemon, Coke Vanilla, and Coke Zero Sugar hair colours?

They’re very much led by the colours that we feel represent each of the Coca-Cola flavours. We started by asking ourselves ‘what does Cherry Coca-Cola look and feel like on a head of hair’, and went from there. We ended up with a colour for every type of person – Classic or bold, we had it covered with all the flavours!

Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon applies the finishing touches to Maggie Lamoon at the Flavour Parlour, a new salon celebrating the full range of Coca-Cola flavours, in London. Photo David Parry/PA Media Assignments

4. Which of the new Coca-Cola inspired hair colours do you predict will be the most popular this summer?

Cherry red is going to be the colour for those looking to push their trend limits and make a statement this summer. We’re obsessed with Dua Lipa’s cherry red hair revival, but we can’t resist a throwback of Cheryl circa 2010 with this exact tone, or Rihanna also in 2010 with her bright cherry.

5. What do you think makes Dua Lipa’s Cherry Cola hairstyle so iconic and appealing to people?

It’s a modern take on a trend that feels quite nostalgic. It’s also a fun colour transformation for any hair type or colour, no matter where you start. What I mean by that is it’s achievable from brunettes to blondes, and everything in between – the final result may differ depending on what tone you start with, but getting the essence of ‘Cherry Cola Hair’ is always achievable.

Sophia Hilton from Not Another Salon applies the finishing touches to Jane Haack at the Flavour Parlour – Photo David Parry/PA Media Assignments

6. Could you elaborate on the ‘Goth Girl Blonde’ trend and what makes it unique compared to other blonde styles?

Bleaching your hair from dark to light not only is incredibly challenging and damaging but often leaves you with unwanted yellow tones. Because the ‘Goth Girl Blonde’ trend doesn’t care about this, she’s on the journey and she’s here for the ride. As all the gothic girls are transitioning from black to blonde this summer – it’s dirty, grungy with a root, think Angelina Jolie in Girl, Interrupted as opposed to Legally Blonde.

7. What advice would you give to someone looking to experiment with bold hair colours but unsure where to start?

AI filters are an awesome way of trying out something new. But if you’re feeling a bit more daring than that, I would definitely go straight for pink. I think it is the most removable colour that we can possibly put on your head so if you want to try something out simply for a party or weekend, pink would be your colour choice!

8. What’s the best part of your job?

Helping my clients present how they feel on the inside, on the outside. So many of us don’t wear who we are on the outside due to a lack of confidence, insecurities or fear of judgement, but helping my clients to take that leap for themselves is a beautiful journey to be a part of.

9. What three qualities would you look for in someone who wanted to work for you?

Kindness, determination, sincerity.