Released onto all major digital platforms NOW is the latest single ‘Bubbling’ that is brought to us by the Experimental Pop artist Christos. Alongside this single, he released the stunning visual on to YouTube, available now.

Christos encompasses true star quality. His unique look and next level video production are showcased in the visual that goes alongside the synth, electro-pop track Bubbling which is available now on YouTube.

The music video was inspired by 90’s Pop culture, influenced primarily by the edgy cinema classic ‘Run Lola Run’. His aesthetic mimics that of Lola with the vibrant red hair and the same central themes.

Bubbling addresses world catastrophe, loss of hope and impending doom. Despite being some of life’s deeper issues, a new light is drawn upon them within his cleverly orchestrated visual. Shot in the Greek capital, Athens, the video features many recognisable locations such as below the Acropolis, in a traditional post-war apartment, on a classic rooftop decked with plastic chairs, and on the hills that encircle the city.

Additionally, the title, ‘Bubbling’ manifests within the visual as Christos takes to the water in a zorb ball to symbolise insularity and the return to the womb. Throughout the song, the central message of hopelessness and a desire to escape is portrayed in various ways.

Christos – Bubbling is available in both audio and visual formats NOW on all major streaming platforms.


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