We at Flavour recognise the impact that taste has on each of our daily lives. Whether it is individual dress sense, blunt opinions or specific dating preferences, it all centres on taste. Naturally intuitive to the needs of our stylish followers, we would like to introduce our new fortnightly feature which promises to awaken those taste buds, entice the pallet and add that much needed seasoning to the news, gossip and events brought to our attention on a daily basis. Ranging from sumptuous visual pictures of six packs, delectable girlie gadgets and soothing yet sexy sounds, to the acidic and disturbing stories that leave that bitter taste in the mouth, we promise to have something to awaken your senses.

Sugar and spice and all things nice
solange knowlesThere is nothing sweeter than a talented artist, who can strategically manipulate time and experience, to fine tune their abilities, preserve their success and lace their appeal with a dazzling personality. With a career that exudes longevity and true staying power, we are delighted that Patti LaBelle will be awarded the Lifetime Achievement award on the 26th June at the BET awards.

Talking of stunning ladies, it has been reported that Solange Knowles has recently secured a contract with Rimmel London, (supporting her sister’s declaration that girl’s do indeed run the world). Recently, she revealed a dramatic short-cropped hairstyle, which initially caused controversy, but clearly secured the desired effect. We at Flavour want to salute her for brushing off her critics and reinstating the importance of innate natural beauty!

Sweet and Sour
Everyone loves a happy ending and with the new series of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and the successful launch of her luxuriant new fragrance, it appears as though Kim can finally put the legal battles, twitter stalkers and fabricated rumours surrounding her alleged roaming eye, behind her. Teaming up with Lighthouse and fragrance house Givaudan, the blend of rich white florals, youthful gardenia and sexy tuberose have secured its popularity. However, as she is the epitome of visual candy, it would not be a surprise if her stunning looks and unique outfits had a contribution to her effervescent fragrance.


A sugar rush is exactly what Jay Sean has provided with his suave enhanced look and release of his next single, ‘Where do we go?’ Check it out, but be careful not to overindulge that sweet tooth. Whilst it is not necessary to regurgitate the recent allegations surrounding Ryan Giggs, they do act as a stark reminder that you can’t have you cake and eat it too, as eventually you will be exposed by the scales!

We love Soulja boy and understand his recent frustration surrounding some of the negative comments posted about him by supposed ‘fans’. However, his unsavoury rants provide yet another poignant lesson for those in the lime light; media support can make you, but your critics can also provide the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We much prefer Soulja to crank that ‘Pretty boy swag.’

Bitter Pill to swallow
With the return of the unpredictable British weather, most of us will become increasingly envious of the lucky individuals who have the opportunity to escape to other countries. For some, however, the jet-set lifestyle is not a particularly pleasant experience. On the 13th June, a physical fight broke out between the passengers of a Virgin Atlantic flight from Gatwick to Barbados. Topping up a tan and sampling the culinary delights of a country renowned for having some of the ‘friendliest people in the world,’ seemed secondary to the chaos, that left one female in a sling and another with a black eye.

From the outrageous and haphazard, we feel it is necessary to address a serious problem that continues to relentlessly snatch young lives and leave remnants of decay in its place. On the 6th June, Nana Darko-Frempong, 18, was ruthlessly assassinated outside the very block of flats he had resided in for over ten years. Two gun shots made him the seventh teenager to be murdered this year and the third fatality in South London, (within a two week period). We may not be strangers to brutality on the streets, but scarily, there seems to be an emerging pattern of drive-by shootings and hit-man ‘techniques,’ previously only seen in films and video games.

Shaking it up
Naughty but nice, Nicki Minaj, charts high when it comes to those unique celebrities that add that sprinkle of saltiness to the world of entertainment. From her crazy alter egos, to the female lap dances, this diva continues to prove that there is no end to her talents. She has recently revealed her desire to go back to acting, naming Will Smith as a potential co-star, hopefully her debut will be a far cry from the ‘alleged’ sexy video circulating online.

Sweet, Sour, Bitter or Salty, we will continue to prove that just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there is always a Flavour to suit each individual palette!

Words by Sarah James-Cyrus



  1. Still a bit confused as to why Solange has been picked for Rimmel London. Doesn’t one have to be British? And we have a lot of beauties here who would be more than happy to take the job

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