eyelash extention care

Eyelash extensions can quickly and efficiently improve a woman’s appearance. They are very affordable and the results of the treatment can truly be gorgeous, especially for women whose natural lashes are straight and short.

Every woman desires long and curly lashes, and eyelash extensions can provide exactly that – at a fraction of the cost of other, more complicated treatments.

However, while eyelash extensions provide immediate visible results, proper care and maintenance are required to keep those results as gorgeous as possible for as long as possible. By following these simple steps, every woman can ensure her false lashes will look gorgeous for weeks to come.

Frequently clean the eyelashes 

The most basic and most important thing a client can do to keep her eyelash extensions looking pretty is to simply clean them. However, false eyelashes should be cleaned with special, extension-safe cleaners that have been developed and manufactured specifically for that reason. Using other detergents and generic soaps can lead to damage. You can find a wide range of cleaners and cleansers that have been made specifically for the purpose of cleaning eyelash extensions and natural lashes.

By cleaning the eyelashes, you can easily get rid of any flaked epidermis that may reside on the lashes. Eyelash cleansers also remove any dust particles and oily substances. In addition, many eyelash cleaners feature additional nutrients and substances that help your natural eyelashes thrive, gently moisturizing them and invigorating them. When applying cleaners, keep it away from your eyes. We recommend using a cotton pad to clean the area around the eyes and the eyelids, and a lash wand to cleanse the eyelashes themselves.

eyelash extention care

Avoid using mascara

While it might sound tempting to apply additional mascara to elevate your eyelashes even further, it is not only unnecessary to apply mascara to eyelash extensions, but it can actually harm them. The whole point of wearing false lashes is that you don’t have to use mascara to have long and curly lashes. While wearing mascara on your eyelash extensions from time to time should not cause any damage, avoid wearing mascara on a daily basis.

If you can abstain from using mascara at all, we recommend you do so. By not using mascara you can effectively extend the life of your false lashes. If you absolutely have to wear mascara, only use water-based mascaras. Look closely at the labels, as many mascaras may want you to think they are water-based, while in reality, they are only waterproof. When applying mascara, make sure to only apply one coat and try to avoid the lower part of your eyelashes.

Do not use oil-based products

A lot of cosmetics and skincare products you will find on the internet or in your local drug store will be oil-based. You should avoid these products at all cost when wearing eyelash extension, as they can be harmful to your lashes. While oil-based cosmetics can be effective at removing makeup, they can worsen your acne if your skin is acne-prone and should not be used together with eyelash extensions. More precisely, the oil contained within those cosmetics can react with the semi-permanent glue that is keeping your extensions attached to your natural lashes. On most occasions, using oil-based cosmetics can lead to the glue dissolving, causing your extensions to simply fall off before their time.

When buying skincare products such as cleansers and makeup removers, always pay attention to the ingredients list on the back of the product. If it features any oils, be it sunflower, argan, rosehip or other, don’t buy it. The same goes for mineral oil, glycerine, and petrolatum. If you look around, you can find oil-free makeup removers and cleansers that will deeply clean your skin and eyelashes while leaving your gorgeous extensions intact.

Avoid saunas and excessive amounts of moisture 

While such activities as washing your face, showering, and even swimming won’t damage your eyelash extensions, you should definitely avoid spending too much time in a very moist environment. Keep in mind that excessive sweating can also cause damage to the extensions and shorten their life. You should also avoid saunas, both dry and wet, as they can easily lead to eyelash extension damage. Don’t keep your eyelashes submerged for too long. Instead of taking a long bath, we recommend you shower for as long as you have your extensions on.

In the end, the lifetime of your eyelash extensions will highly depend on how well you take care of them. However, to keep your eyelashes looking as gorgeous as possible, you will still need to refill them every two to three weeks in order to keep up their appearance. As they start falling out, your lash line will start to diminish. The longer you wait between refills, the harder it is to replenish them without having to re-do the entire set of extensions. If you’re planning on keeping the eyelashes for longer, it might be a good idea to refill them frequently.