_MG_0183It was the last day of the Fabolous ‘Euroloso’ tour and we planned to get there early but it seemed everyone in front of us had the same idea. Unfortunately typical British weather resulted in queueing up in the rain. But that didn’t wipe the excited smiles off the bare legged short skirted girls and the gucci wearing guys.

We were welcomed in by the popular voice of DJ Tim Westwood. In typical Westwood style he was the ultimate crowd pleaser, however this didn’t completely distract us from the long line up of boring PA’s with the exception of the Pepstar and Gfrsh’s sets.

With less than an hour left the pushing which had started earlier increased and the standing crowd (non VIP) became more agitated and a few mini fights broke out. SMACK, Fabolous saves the day with his track ‘My Time’ from the latest album Loso’s Way. The ladies went wild as Westwood teased asking ‘ladies, which one of you want to go back to Loso’s hotel room tonight?’. Surprisingly we discovered it was not only the ladies that were keen (we are referring to the two 6ft tall guys trying to get in front of us). RUDE!


Loso performed all his biggest hits, Into You, Superwoman, Body Ya to name a few. Before announcing that the owners and police were saying it was wrap up time. The crowd started chanting FAB BO LOUS, FAB BO LOUS FAB BO LOUS. His response; ‘F*ck it lets do one more track’ just before announcing that the after party would be at Faces. We left because the sound got cut off and Fabolous tweeted to let the audience know so saying:

Anyone wit even a lil bit of sense could see I was tryna keep performing & they kept cutting our sound.. The owner & cops ended the show! MYFABOLOUSLIFE Monday 17 May 1.01am

Shoutout 2 all the people who enjoyed theyselves. I loved performing 4 u.. Haters go bungee jump wit a shoestring MYFABOLOUSLIFE Monday 17 May 1.09am

We say… Although his time on stage was limited, he delivered.

Words by Most Valuable.