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Selecting party clothes for kids can be a challenging task.

Your child wants to be popular among their peers, but you also want them to look great and be comfortable all at the same time. Whether you pick branded children’s clothing such as Billieblush or just something common, the outfit has to meet all three objectives.

Here are several factors to consider for the selection of children’s party clothes.

The Theme of the Party

Imagine if a kid is dressed as a hamburger in a princess-themed party; wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Your child’s outfit should align with the party’s theme so that they won’t feel out of place. Inquire on the theme early enough so that you will have enough time to shop for the proper outfit.


Imagine wearing a woollen pull neck on a hot day of summer. Sweaty and uncomfortable, right? Other people will also stare, wondering if there is something wrong with you. The situation will be similar with your child, so choose outfits that are suitable for the seasons. For example, you can buy a romper or woollen jacket for winter but opt for shorts and sleeveless during summer.

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Age and Personality of the Kid

Unlike adults, kids cannot endure uncomfortable clothing even if they look like mini fashion stars. Dressing up a child in adult clothing may make them look older, and they may not play or feel comfortable in them. Opt for children’s styles and designs, and ask the shop attendant for guidance if you are unsure of the outfit.

Girls may not always prefer pink and boys blue. They may want to wear different colours and styles depending on their personality. You can always let your kid choose what they want to wear, which may make them feel even more confident and comfortable. If they choose an ‘absurd’ outfit, chip in gently and help them come up with a better one.

Nature of the Outfit

You have the theme and colour in mind, but these are not enough. Several other factors contribute to the perfection of an outfit. They include:

  1.    The fabric

A child’s skin is sensitive; that is why you should avoid synthetic fabric that can cause an allergic reaction. Another fabric to avoid is polyester, which is not breathable and can subject your child to a lot of sweating. Instead, go for a natural fabric such as wool or cotton. You may even have to take a few extra coins out of your pocket to get quality designer kids clothes, but it will all be worth it.

The type of fabric you choose is also dependent on the party’s venue. Clothes made of silk can be expensive yet easily damaged during outdoor activities. Therefore, they should be reserved for ceremonies. If the party is in an outdoors venue, opt for other materials that are a bit more affordable such as cotton.

  1.    Ease of Washing

Kids will often soil themselves as they play. Even if the party is indoors, they will eat and maybe stain their clothes with food. Buy something that is easy to wash and can withstand many rounds of washing without fading.

  1. Neckline

Be keen on the neckline as you pick your child’s party clothes. A neckline that is too tight can cause sweating, discomfort, and the risk of choking. A loose neckline can also be unattractive and uncomfortable, and your child will be focused on adjusting it instead of playing. You can go for a halter neck, one-shoulder or cold-shouldered neckline for a girl’s dress, or a collared neckline for a boy.

  1. Ease of wear and removal

Buy clothes that your child can wear or remove without your help. This way, they won’t soil themselves if they require to go to the washroom urgently, which can ruin their day and reputation.

  1. Durability

Kids grow fast, and the outfit you buy now may not fit in a few months. As a rule of the thumb, buy one size bigger that will neither be tight or too baggy. Alternatively, you can opt for stretchable material that will serve your child when they are one or two sizes bigger.


When you have the clothes, you can now choose accessories to complement the outfit. They shift focus to your kids and attract positive comments if done right, which can boost their confidence. For example, your kid can wear a pink denim dress with a stylish handbag and headband to complete the look.

When your kid’s clothes are comfortable and stylish, they get to be confident and have more fun, which is all that matters.

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