Youtube star PJ and website are making a video about how to stay safe online. They want YOU to send in a 15 sec clip to help them make a film about staying safe inside the wondrous internet. Listen to the opening verse of PJ’s poem, then write and film your own with your advice. One or two lines, spoken, drawn, animated, acted – whatever makes it pop.

Just make sure you upload it before the Friday 16th May closing date and follow the four golden rules below.

1.Your age
You need to be between 13 and 18 years old & live in the UK.

2.Your people
Get permission from anyone appearing in your film, and make sure they’re 13-18 too.

3.Your media
Please don’t use music, and any photos or animations must be your own.

4.Your Clip
Please keep your film 15 seconds or less, make sure there’s no background noise & use PJ’s verse as a guide for rhythm.

You can upload your clip here: or for more info go to and below is some inspiration for you.

Ollie White

Cherry Wallis

Suli Breaks