Fancy Crab brunch offer

Did you know that Fancy Crab hosts a bottomless brunch every Saturday and Sunday from 12pm-5pm, for just £15 per person?

Fancy Crab boasts low-key luxury, with a menu built around one very extraordinary ingredient – the Red King Crab.

Located in Wigmore Street, just behind Selfridges, the Red King Crab is a rare delicacy known to break the bank. However, Fancy Crab serves the ocean’s most prized crustacean at a modest price. Fished from the cold waters of the Arctic Ocean by the Northwest Fishing Consortium – the restaurant receives the crab directly from their supplier, ensuring peak quality and carrying the blue MSC label. Meaning all seafood served at Fancy Crab is not only delicious but sustainable.

For those looking for a treat for the eyes, the stomach or social media can either feast on a whole king crab or have various parts grilled or served on crushed ice. In addition to the crab dishes, you can also find delicious fish, excellent steak, chicken, and even vegetarian options.

Along with lunch and dinner, Fancy Crab hosts a bottomless brunch every Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm-5pm, for just £15 per person. For those who would like 90 minutes of unlimited bubbles, can do so for an additional £15.

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