Willow Smith fans took to social networking sites to defend the 12-year-old pop star after a massive backlash of the release of her new music video ‘Summer Fling’.

People were left stunned after watching the music video released on July 6, 2013 which features the young starlet with a much older looking male playing her love interest, intimately holding hands.

Many across the world took to the internet to express their shock with some slamming the video and lyrics as being too ‘raunchy’ and ‘inappropriate’ for her age.

One twitter follower @SonofBaldwin said: ‘as much as it hurts for us to admit it there is something unsettling about the video’.

The song features eyebrow raising lyrics such as ‘Don’t really care what we do tonight — Goodnight kiss, till the mood is right’.

But Willow Smith fans were quick to support the singer with one fan on twitter, @AyoPotter saying: ‘Willow Smith summer fling song is awesome I love it ppl need to leave her alone so what if she’s 12 her feelings are mature’.

Another fan vowed to stand by the star, KMY POW posted a message of support on the singer’s YouTube channel MelodicChaoticMusic saying: ‘you are awesome don’t listen to the haters comments! Good job good association, you’ve got my support from France’.

Willow, daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, gained notoriety after topping the charts in 2010 following the success of her first single ‘Whip my hair’. The song became very popular reaching number 11 on the US charts prompting the young singer to be nominated for numerous awards but ultimately won the prestigious BET young stars award.

She soon captured the attention of music mogul and rapper Jay-Z and was quickly signed to his Roc Nation record label company in 2010 but is yet to release a full album.

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