Hi everyone, welcome to my style page. I’m Denise Brown, the fashion editor at Flavour magazine and fashion designer for Don’t Judge Me Clothing. I’m so excited about writing about my love of all things fashion-related for this page – I’ve been so nervous, but I have to thank my girl Annika [Aw, blush – Ed] for pushing me to do this. Have fun and email me at if you have any fashion info you think I should know about. Welcome to my world…

Blue is back in a big way this summer! Here’s an outfit I’m thinking of rocking at my friend’s party next month


Fast time as Denise B interviews Wretch 32
People say I’m a crazy person with a bubbly personality… so I thought that this year I should take myself to the next level and start doing a bit of presenting. Look out for my interview with Wretch 32 for And I’d like to say a big thank you to my colleague Fusion from DV8 Training for hooking me up at the last minute. Wretch was about to perform so I only had five minutes to chat with him and had to keep it moving really fast. I was pretty nervous at first, but he’s got a great persona – and he sure knows how to make a woman feel comfortable.

denise & wrecth

DK Darlington double bill
DK Darlington is a brand with two collections – Young Fox (menswear) and Kimalie (womenswear). The Young Fox line aims to provide customers with garments that are unique in design, with an urban edge and using high-quality materials. The Kimalie line offers sexy yet elegant attire for women, from that LBD to a show-stopping ballgown, to meet all the needs of the woman about town.

DK Darlington 1

Boxfresh gets to first base
Why I love Boxfresh clothing is because it’s from London and always up to date with the trends – from smart to streetwear. Baseball jackets became a big fashion statement last winter and this trend has carried over into spring/summer 2011 – and you can expect it to ride out for a few years more. Check out the hot Burcanius raglan-sleeve mixed-fabric baseball jacket available in a grey/purple combo for £60.

box fresh

London Fashion Week presents… Pierre Garroudi
I was lucky enough to go and meet up with the designer himself and select some samples for a shoot – and I have never come across such a wonderful person. His Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is in one colour, Royal purple, and was presented at his fashion show back in February.

The new line is reinvented in his signature style with the new inspiration of royalty. This theme of regal stature and power can be seen through the manipulated fabric that creates a creative texture like that of the Roman emperors and Elizabethan royalty.

pierre garroud

I remember my first child rate photo card…
That was the day I did my Salt-N-Pepa hairdo and got my eyebrows slit especially for the photo. I was only 13 years old, but I thought I was BAD! When I look at this picture now it just makes me laugh – the way my expression is, I must have been really mad that day.

Denise B Child Rate card

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