_MG_8266Fashion Finest Renaissance Shows were created to assist up and coming, new or established designers from all backgrounds showcase their collections in an affordable way. Their shows during London Fashion Week 2011 were held over two days; at the Thistle Hotel, Victoria and Jewel Bar, Piccadilly. I attended the event at Jewel Bar with the sole purpose of viewing a particular designers collection; the talented and very lovely Sophia Brown.

Upon arriving at the venue I was greeting by a warm and welcoming buzz and everyone seemed expectant and excited about the forthcoming show. I also noticed the novel and innovative circular catwalk, which made good use of the venue’s non-conventional space. However as the audience began to grown and the seats disappear I wondered how the show was actually going to work, as people lined the space that appeared to be catwalk.

There were a total of seven designers featured on the night with Sophia Brown London appearing second to last. I had previously thought the evening would be just about the fashion, however in between the collections were a number of live performances by musical artists and also what I felt were unnecessary breaks. This really detracted from what should have been the main event – Fashion. And my previous apprehensions about the catwalk were proved true, as a number of times members of the audience (and at one stage security) walked across the catwalk during a show and often the poor models has to edge their way past as people ordered drinks at the bar.

It wasn’t until Sophia’s collection arrived that I really got exited with her exquisite handmade dresses looking beautiful as they glistened and sparked in the flashes of photographer’s cameras. Her Old Hollywood inspiration was clear to see with a number of dresses being reminiscent of a true 50’s Glamour but with touches of contemporary chic; such as leopard print lining or sexy back cut outs. My favourite was an exquisite black dress with hand stitched petals as the skirt and accessorised with a skinny gold belt. I also really liked the one shoulder floral dress with matching bag, which looking amazing against the fiery red hair of the model.

Sophia Brown London’s collection was the highlight of the evening and her elegant and feminine dresses are items I would gladly wear myself. She combines classic shapes and styles with modern twists to create glamorous head turning numbers that are bound to get you noticed and would not be out of place on many a red carpet. While the wait was far longer that I had expected – it was well worth it.

To view Sophia Brown London’s full collection and to order a dress please visit: www.sophiabrownlondon.co.uk

Words by Karla Williams

Photographer: Priscilla Parmar
















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