With the cold creating an outdoor battlefield and an overwhelming desire to stay inside, it can be hard to style looks that go beyond the norm in winter.

While most people tend to stick to their darks and neutral tones, there’s no rules in modern fashion that say a little pop of colour here and there is not allowed during the gloomy months. This is one guaranteed way to level up your look and continue to feel your most confident. 

How to wear colour in winter 

Wearing colour in winter doesn’t have to be a daunting task, in fact it’s an opportunity to play around with different textures, garments, details, and prints that elevate your winter wardrobe. From pops of colour with your accessories to dressing bright winter garments, like trousers, coats, and even co-ords. Styling colour for winter can be done in many ways and with different shades too. 

Some of the most popular colours of this winter season range from shades of red to blue and even lavender. 

Red – The Colour Of The Season

The most talked about colour of the 23/24 winter season is red. With social influence and its presence on the runways, it can not be denied that red is an ultimate winter colour and is the perfect option for adding something bright to a dull winter wardrobe. Styling red is easily done with the right amount of thought and careful consideration for the chosen pieces. 

A daring and fiery colour, red can be worn in so many ways and in so many shades. From cherry red to bright postbox red, there’s plenty to choose from. 

When styling red into your winter wardrobe consider switching out your usual neutral basics for a red alternative. For example, upgrade your basic black longline coat for a dark red option, or accessorise your looks with red detailing. Favourites include cherry red heels for sophistication and elegance, or dark burgundy winter accessories like gloves and knitted scarves. 

Colourful outfits for the party season 

An even more exciting way to play with colour is to incorporate it into your party outfits. Winter, afterall, is the season of family gatherings, festive parties, and plenty of annual events. While many will be sticking to their trusty LBDs, why not go all out and consider colourful party outfits

From bright pinks, reds, blues, and greens, make your choice when it comes to selecting a party dress, jumpsuit, co-ord, skirts, or trousers that help to empower you and boost your confidence, ensuring you enjoy every second of the party season.

Choosing garments that have been made using high quality fabrics and incorporate stunning details and colours, you won’t even have to worry about accessorising. Your party outfit will do all the talking for you. As you walk through the door of any event this winter you’ll light up the room with confidence and style.