The Americans have brought us some great fashion trends down the years, but let’s face it – some of those to define 2015, such as near-naked dresses and overly distressed clothes, were possibly overdoing it a bit.

So, what fashion trends are emerging Stateside this year, and which ones are you best advised to don here in (usually grey and drizzly) Blighty this summer?

Patchwork patterns

To introduce a handcrafted denim feel to your wardrobe this year, forget tatty ‘distressed’ jeans – instead, go for the folksy look represented by this trend. It still looks sophisticated and works well on basically any item or fabric, from shirts to boots.

X necklines

They say that X marks the spot, and this summer, that spot may just be your neck, given the prevalence of X necklines in recent American women’s wear. As one writer for The Guardian recently discovered, an X-factor dress makes a great classy alternative to the usual halter-necks.

Bright bags

It looks like, if there is any year in which to plump for colour with your handbag, it is 2016. It doesn’t matter what size or style of bag you go for, or what you intend to use it for – the daily commute, a weekend break or night out with the girls. The bottom line is that this year, vibrant bags just work.

Exposed shoulders

This is one American fashion trend that represents a welcome continuation from one started in 2015, rather than a reaction to a craze that we should have probably all avoided anyway. If the off-the-shoulder look was a key fixture of 2015, some slightly more dramatic skin exposure is in order this summer. Experiment to your heart’s content with those crazy cut-outs and outlandish sleeves!

Bold stripes

Bold, wide stripes in bright colours have made frequent appearances on the American catwalks as of late, and why shouldn’t they? These bright, contrasting hues are a classy way to turn heads, and work as well on casual T-shirts as they do on delicate cocktail dresses.

Work shorts

Did you think we would leave the men out of this rundown of emerging US fashion trends? Not a bit of it. One recent trend that we especially like for guys is the emergence of the work short for casual wear – invest in pants from the immortal US work wear manufacturer Dickies to tap into this purposeful aesthetic in the summer sun.

Statement socks

Remaining on the subject of male fashion trends, men who want to express themselves beyond their usual day-to-day wear, but who aren’t brave enough to embrace the craze for more outlandish hats established last year, have recently been experimenting with more adventurous socks instead.

Wider-legged trousers

This trend serves men as well as it does women, as both genders in the US look to hark back to the ’70s. It seems that 2016 will be firmly the year of the baggy trouser both here and across the Atlantic, as the awkward routine of trying to squeeze into skinny and slim fit jeans is finally abandoned by many fashionistas.

So, there you have it – a comprehensive compendium of many of the US fashion trends that are gradually starting to take the UK by storm right now. Incorporate some of them into your wardrobe to keep looking sharp this summer, but don’t blame those Americans for any occasional sartorial faux pas!