As Paris Fashion week opened on February 26, we saw a whole new group of designers debut their new collections for Autumn/Winter 2013, showcasing their interpretations of trends that will soon be relevant in our everyday fashion. By watching the live shows we are able to get an understanding of new and different styles. As well as this, we can witness the use of colour, patterns and cuts within different garments and try to get a sense of what the designers were thinking as they created the pieces.

Trends that have proven to be popular amongst a vast number of designers during the Fashion Week period this year have been very bold, prominent and obvious. We’ve seen a new version of the monochrome trend hit the runway in a fresh and innovative way, demonstrating utter class and elegance. Prints graced their presence on several platforms and in a number of ways. Florals are most definitely playing their part in Autumn/Winter, as well as classic stripes, tartan and animal prints. Miscellaneous hues of our favourite autumnal colours are being translated into garments and accessories, and are also being manipulated, showing shades that are not typical of the season.

Showing his line on the first day of Paris Fashion Week, former Cacharel and Lanvin designer, Cedric Charlier, gave us his understanding of the upcoming trends. Leather with dark blues, greys and blacks made an appearance, tying in with the loose fitting and boxy shapes. Bright colours also came into play with yellows, greens and pinks, adding a feminine touch to the otherwise androgynous looks. Outerwear most definitely played a strong role within the entire collection. In contrast to the different materials used and the use of shape, coats with strong silhouettes help to complete a look in a smart and effortless way.

This cycle of Fashion Weeks has not yet come to an end, so we are yet to see the entire line of fashion predictions for the later seasons. So far, I think it is safe to say that most fashionistas have had nothing but positive reactions to what has been shown on the runways. Leather accents, dark and bright colours, and bolder patterns can easily be taken off of the catwalk and transformed into high street pieces at high street prices. Some have even adapted these new styles into their everyday wear…the true definition of being fashion forward.