fast and furious live at the o2

Universal Brand Development, Fast Live Productions and Live Nation Entertainment today announced that Fast & Furious Live will come to life in a ground-breaking arena tour. The live show will premiere at The O2 from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 January 2018.

Tickets are on sale at 9am on Friday 29 September and are available at 

Highway Truck Heist
Highway Truck Heist (The Fast and the Furious)
The Fast & The Furious closes with a dramatic truck heist. Everything is seemingly is going to plan, that is until the truck driver fights back. Armed with a shotgun, the truck driver forces the team into a high-speed pursuit, desperately trying to retrieve a wounded Vince from the truck nose. In the chaos all of the team’s Honda Civics are destroyed, and it’s left to Brian in his Toyota Supra to race to Vince’s aid and save the family from tragedy.

The adrenaline-fueled, two-hour show is set to be the most spectacular live arena production ever produced, featuring precision performance driving and newly created physics-defying stunts. Using favourite cars and locations that criss-cross the globe along with key scenes from the film series – created via state-of-the-art 3D projection mapping – fans will be transported straight into this immersive extension of the Fast & Furious movies.

Lykan HyperSport Skyscraper Jump
Lykan HyperSport Skyscraper Jump (Furious 7)
“Nothing sadder than locking a beast in a cage” – Especially if that cage is atop a skyscraper in a billionaire’s penthouse suite. Brian and Dom need to find a hard drive stashed in an ultra-rare Lykan HyperSport, but they face a race against time, one that eventually forces them to attempt a hair-raising escape by jumping the car through not one, but three towering skyscrapers. Begging the question; can cars fly?

Audiences will feel the heat from flaming exhausts and marvel at vehicular acrobatics as scene after scene unfolds enhanced by the most advanced digital projection technology imaginable. Featuring several original cars from the films, as well as exact replicas of fan favourites — from Dom’s legendary Dodge Charger to the flip car from Fast & Furious 6, Fast & Furious Live will evoke some of the boldest moments from the franchise.

London Flip Car
London Flip Car (Fast & Furious 6)
Owen Shaw and his elite crew of ex-soldiers were running rampant all over the world. Faced with this unstoppable group, DSS agent Hobbs is forced to ask Dom and the team for help. In hope of finding Letty, long thought dead, they travel to London to bring Shaw down. He’s ready for them, and escapes through the city in a custom made Flip Car with the team in hot pursuit.

Thousands of the world’s best stunt performers and drivers applied for the opportunity to join the production and, following extensive auditions, have been whittled down to the ultimate elite team who have started a rigorous 4-month training camp in preparation for the world tour.

Runaway Tanker
Runaway Tanker (Fast & Furious)
While living in the Dominican Republic, Dom and team attempt to steal containers off a giant multi-load tanker lumbering through the hills. The heist goes wrong, and Dom is left with a tough decision as one of the flaming tankers rolls towards him and Letty. Sometimes the only way forward is through!

They will be joined by some of the world’s leading parkour athletes resulting in a truly global cast who will be performing incredible stunts and never-before-seen live action. The cast includes stunt drivers from all over the UK and Northern Ireland.

Rio Safe Heist
Rio Safe Heist (Fast Five)
After crossing paths with Dom and his team, Brazilian drug lord, Hernan Reyes, hides his millions in a corrupt police station. Breaking into the seemingly impenetrable location, Dom and Brian tear the safe through a wall and out into the street. Hauling the giant safe through the streets of Rio, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake. After being on the run for so long, this final raid allows the team to buy their freedom, at last.

Tickets are on sale at 9am on Friday 29 September and are available at