Whether you’re sticking to a smart dress-code or work in a place that encourages casual attire, your choice in footwear is a vital element of your look.

For women, who have a huge variety of styles to choose from, it can be daunting to select the best styles of shoe to wear to work. Online shoe retailer Mastershoe Myshu has over 30 years of expert knowledge and offers the following styles to wear for women at work.

Birkenstock Sandals

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Comfortable and casual, Birkenstocks are best reserved for warm days in relaxed workplaces. The beauty of the comfortable German-designed sandals is that they work with a huge multitude of outfits. From denim skirts to denim jeans rolled up to reveal ankles, they fit a casual look effortlessly. For a smarter summer option you can wear them with a midi dress. Go for a black or brown pair for a more muted look.

Ballet Pumps

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The flat style that can be worn in basically any style and for any occasion, Ballet pumps are usually black and are a classic. They can be worn with dresses, but to counteract the lack of heel they are best paired with dresses that end above the knee. Skinny trousers, jeans and leggings all pair well with some simple pumps. Combine them with stockings in colder months to keep the casual-style going.

Converse trainers

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One for the truly casual office. Converse are practically the go-to style of casual trainer for lots of women, to the point that their low-top canvas style is frequently imitated. However, due to their low cost and great build quality, Converse reign supreme. Available in a range of colours, a low-top pair of Converse can create a casual and comfortable look when paired with jeans in all colours as well as shorter length skirts.

Chelsea Boots

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One for the winter, Chelsea boots are ideal for smart-casual office styles when paired with coloured chinos/denim jeans and blazer combinations. They also go well with a short skirt as long as you combine it with a jacket or long coat.


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A style classic for many years, a pair of brogues can be worn with practically any smart outfit to bring style and class. Tan brogues go great with dark jeans, whilst a darker pair of shoes combine with black jeans or lighter coloured skirts and dark knitwear for a striking contrast.

Whatever your choice in footwear, ensure you feel comfortable and feel smart enough to suit your day to day office requirements. As the job landscape shifts and more offices are casual-friendly, you have to find a balance between dressing to feel productive and dressing down. When it comes to meeting clients or customers, ensure you smarten up appropriately.





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