Felicity Jones, ditches her nerdy girl next door look for a more sultry look for GQ Magazine and talks about her favourite date movies.

The Theory of Everything, British Actress who also starred in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dr Who and if you can think back even further The Worst Witch TV series way back in 1998.


We watched the behind the scenes video from her recent photo shoot with GQ where she talks, Annie Hall, Paul Newman and romantic movies.

What’s your favourite romantic film?
One of my favourite romantic films is Annie Hall, Its a classic romantic film, even though the end is a sad ending and they don’t get together, its a classic film, I can watch that movie some many times and find something new in it. I don’t know if Woody Allen in the movie is how to act as a guy, maybe the opposite of that is how to act.

Felicity Jones - GQ magazine, November 2014 5

If a guy could be like any character from a movie, who would it be?
Paul Newman in any film, if a guy could be like that, that’s pretty cool.

Would you go and see a romantic film on a first date?
I guess it could be bonding, If your both in floods of tears, then maybe your being vulnerable with each other and that’s good thing.


Transcribed from GQ favourite date movies with Felicity Jones