Female pop duo She Knowz has announced the release of their second single ‘You Disturb Me’, taking from their debut EP of the same name.

‘You Disturb Me’ was released July 27th with the EP available to purchase now on all major media providers. She Knowz is made up of cousins Shannon Goode and Natasha Leigh, who at an early age decided to pursue their love of music and record their first EP in 2014. She Knowz is inspired by some of pop’s greatest artists including Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift, who the girls attribute as their biggest influencers.

We took a moment with She Knowz to get an exclusive Flavourmag Interview.
she knows 1
So your musical journey runs in tandem-from a family perspective do you have a strong family musical gene?
Natasha: Yes – you could say that! Both our Mums were in a rock band in the 1980s for 10 years. So, music and performing has definitely been passed down to us.
It states at an early age you wanted to be in music was it always going to be as a duo?
Natasha: Yes we wouldn’t have it any other way! Its amazing to be on stage and what makes it better is being able to sing on stage alongside your cousin. Also, both our voices have different strong points. Shannon is usually better at falsetto, I tends to be better at high notes.
Did you need an event for you to know you could work as a duo or was there always self-belief that you were good enough?
Shannon: We have been singing together in our homes since we were very little. Video evidence shows us dancing and singing together to Shakira when we were about 8 and 10 and having a little on-camera meltdown ha ha.
Natasha: But we work very well together in regards to singing and also writing songs. And we were lucky to both have a good singing voice as it would have been devastating if one of us couldn’t sing well. Ah… don’t want to think of that – lol !!
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So EP You Disturb Me sounds ominous explain?
Shannon: You Disturb Me was written by us both and Thomas Green (guitarist/producer). The lyrics actually came quite easily as we all channelled into situations where someone hasn’t treated us right. Its definitely based around real life events and the lyrics are probably quite relevant!
So how have things progressed since your first ep (what was it called by the way)?
Natasha: The EP was called You Disturb Me after the song above (obviously). Great! We have a good iTunes rating and are getting a lot of great feedback from the EP.
You have Ian Lovatt who has worked with Michael Jackson it seems what did he do with him and how important was it to have him on board?
Natasha: Ian worked with Michael Jackson on his tour we think around the nineties. He really is an amazing producer with a fun, chatty approach. However he definitely pushed us to our limits when it came to getting the song and vocals to the best level they could be!
Shannon: On the EP along with You Disturb Me, are If I Could Lie and Cry For You which were all produced by Ian Lovatt and there’s no doubt he significantly helped in making the songs amazing! So yes very important :-).
You must have been stoked when you got Track Of The Day.
Shannon: Yes that came as a surprise! Great to know someone who probably listens to a lot of music and knows what a good track is chose us to be Track Of The Day!
Plans for 2015? 
Shannon: We are hoping to get some music videos done for our songs to publish on YouTube! Also gigs, writing and recording and creating more awareness of us! Global success!! Ha ha.. dreaming big, definitely.