We’re at the festival half way point and I’m already panicking that I’m coming to the end of my festi fix.  Whether you’re old or new to festival life, here are my festival do’s, don’ts and tips for survival.

Do… Read up on the festivals ‘things to bring,’ because honestly they’re telling you for your your own good and all those queries you want answering are usually there.


Don’t… Wear sandals or flip flops! It doesn’t matter how sunny it is, you’re feet will end up a dusty brown hue. Instead opt for plimsoles, light wellies or boots.


Do… Dress up and go all out. A lot of festivals have themes and fancy dress competitions. If that’s too much then add some body art, find a funky hairstyle or co- ordinate looks with friends.


Swinging 60’s/ hippy 


Flower or butterfly face paints

Bindi Body art..


henna tattoos 

Don’t… Forget about safety. Festival sites are huge and mobile phone reception can be crap. Decide on a meeting point and think about a bum bag or theft proof bag.

High spirit bags

Do… Slather yourself in sun cream but also bring along a poncho. Weather can be unpredictable at the best of times so avoid getting sun stroke topped off with hyperthermia.


Don’t… Go in with expectations to see every band you planned to see. The good thing is that you’ll probably discover a load of new artists but the bad bit can be the odds of finding that certain stage are low or having two acts you planned to watch on at the same time very high.

Do… Dedicate the day after to chilling. You’ll either find that you’re extremely hungover or you’re coming down with the festival Blues.


Don’t… Think it’s the end! So many festivals have tickets on sale for 2016 already. Do be an eager beaver because a £20 ticket now will have you patting yourself on the back when you find mates paying upwards of £60.

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