FIFA 16, the game we have a love, hate relationship with. In my opinion FIFA 16 did not live up to its hype, but it is a game that a true fan of the franchise will still play no matter what.

So far, FIFA 16 has had its ups and downs, pros and cons and what not. But it still has potential to get better over the season, due to patches.

I have noticed that EASPORTS has focused on tightening up the defensive play whilst adding more opportunities for attacks in the midfield. Also EASPORTS have rebuilt the AI to work better as a team, close down attacks, restrict different angles of attack and give more support when going in for a tackle without feeling that your CPU controlled team will fall apart.

My FIFA 16 Career Mode:

Now let’s get into the cons of FIFA 16. There isn’t much that is wrong with the game, it is just minor thing which gets under us FIFA fanatics teeth. One of them being that the defensive AI still struggles with pacey players, which was a major problem in FIFA 15. As fast player could literally run past your defence with ease, which then let to people abusing pacey players in certain game modes such as Ultimate Team and Seasons. Another Con about FIFA 16 is that the gameplay is a lot slower than last year, which will take a lot of time to get used to and can make games really boring at times.

Now that we are done discussing the annoying things about FIFA 16, lets get into the pros. The things that make us want to play on. First of all I like the fact that EASPORTS has improved the defensive play, as last years was appalling and now it is much stronger. Secondly, the career modes has improved majorly with the addition of player training and the ability to sign free agents outside the transfer window. This really helps when thing begin to get sticky in career modes, for example injuries or match bans. Thirdly, the addition of FUT Draft implemented into Ultimate Team, makes the game mode much more fun. As there is more to do and more to look forward to in Ultimate Team. Last but not least, the brilliant match day atmosphere and the recreation of most football pitches. EASPORTS has done a great job with the match day atmosphere, because whilst playing the game you get a great experience of feeling like you are at the stadium or even watching the game. For example, The Bernabeu Stadium, Allianz Arena & The Emirates Stadium.

Words by LJFIFA