There is nothing more entertaining than a good, intense and interesting story with sleek graphics and a brand new game engine. This is a concept that EA Sports is trying to emphasise, in the new FIFA 17 and brand new game mode ‘The Journey’.

EA Sports developers have upgraded their game engine from the ignite engine to a frostbite engine, in order to give the game more of a sleek, smooth game feel, whilst keeping the realism within the graphics and sounds.

FIFA players will begin their “journey” of their dreams, as a 17 year old exciting prospect, that goes by the name of Alex Hunter. In the trailer Alex Hunter plays for Manchester United, but you will be able to choose any team from the Barclays premier league to begin your career with.


EA Sports are not new to intense story modes attached to their sports games, as the game mode from Fight Night Champion ‘Champion Mode’, is still one of the best story and action in a sports game mode.

Personally, I think that if the journey possesses a good a story mode, as titles such as Fight Night Champion ‘ Champion Mode’  and also NBA 2K’s ‘MyCareer’. Then the new game mode will have a lot of playing time and could easily become a fan favourite!

However it might have been better if, players were allowed to create their own players, to enhance the story mode and also to engage them more into the game… But as it stands, we will have to wait to see, where the FIFA 17 journey ends up.

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