Yep the long cold wait for the night bus will soon be a thing of the past, as will those boring friends who have the excuse of having to catch the last tube home.

The London Underground will operate 24 hours a day at weekends from 2015 as part of plans for a “21st-century tube service”, it has been announced.

The company which runs the service, London Underground (LU), says it also plans to close most ticket offices and move to a system of direct, contactless bank payments to pay for journeys.

But bosses also said around 750 jobs will be cut as part of the package of changes, and those members of staff who remain will be based in halls and on platforms rather than in ticket offices – all of which could go.

While many in London will be pleased by the extended service, unions have hit out at the mayor for a series of measures which they branded ‘hypocritical’ as he had promised not to cut jobs.


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