Sometimes hope feels hopeless
Seems you mapped it all out but then lost your focus
And life gets you choked like its a tree and a rope just
Waiting for the next situation to provoke
Your tired and empty soul
Locked in this purgatory
Certainly seems adversity shows you the worst you see
And you ask God “Why have you deserted me?”

Feels like the rain pours but your caught in a drought
Thirsty for answers that provide no way out
Drivin you crazy you scream and you shout
As pessimism holds you slave to your doubts
You sleep at night not wanting to wake up in the morning
Not wanting to see the light as a new day dawns n
So forlorn,
You feel like your mourning

Until you take a minute to pause and reflect
It may feel like you’re finished but it aint over yet
Remove the negativity
Embrace the positive energy
Allow it to flow liberally, then you’ll see

You’ll find that there’s a soldier inside
Severely wounded but you rise
Raise your head to the sky, now you realise
That tho the rain continues to fall it wont be your demise
U see the sun battling to shine thru
Empowered and strengthened you see its all down to you

To see

To believe

To fulfill

To achieve

And know the answers only come from within
The only happiness comes from the source you bring

And as you look around, you see an army of soldiers
All fightin this struggle shoulder to shoulder
Some weak and some strong
Some on the front line
Some wonderin where to belong
And you make your resolve never to give up
Never to wait for someone else to pick you up
And if you stumble, if you trip or you sway
Believe that somehow,
You’ll find your way


Words by Hope LoveJoy



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