des brenan

Rising underground rapper Des Brennan has released a touching EP dubbed ‘Haven.’ Des raps about what he feels, whilst suffering from depression for years, Des uses rapping as therapy.

His EP is about looking on the brighter side, and not giving into his depression. His lyrics are relatable and seamlessly channels strength and vulnerability in an issue most of us face on the daily.

We chat to Des Brennan about what it’s like to rap about his issues, his biggest challenge he has had to overcome and what song got him hooked on hip hop.  

Your latest EP is about channels a lot of feelings, could you tell us how you add that into your music art? 

My feelings are what drive my music. They are the main force behind the music. My feelings are lead me to creating honest and relatable songs and projects.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a rapper? 

The fact that some people still don’t take me serious as a rapper. A lot of family, friends, producers and bloggers still refuse to listen to my music. It’s their loss. I know how talented I am.

What rappers are you listening to now?

Rappers I am listening to now are Oddisee, Slug, Kendrick Lamar, Apathy, Little Brother and Big K.R.I.T.

What was the first rap song you remember listening to, and how did it make you feel? 

First song Hip hop song I ever listened to was ‘Mo money, Mo problems, by Biggie.  From that day on I knew I’d be hooked to hip hop music.

You collaborated with a lot of musicians world-wide, what was that like? 

It’s amazing. The fact that I can create music with people from all over the globe just shows how powerful music really is. It’s a beautiful thing.

Favourite dish you love to cook? 

Anything microwaveable.