Every year with out fail we all make up all these New Year resolutions that the majority of us never stick too! I for one is guilty of this. One of the most popular resolutions is to hit the gym January 1st, so we can finally drop a dress size and fit in to that new pair of jeans! Well look no further Kim Kardashian is here with Fit In Your Jeans By Friday workout DVD’s.


“Fun but serious way of getting fit.” Says Kim

The workouts are awesome! Its’ a workout nonetheless, but damn my butt’s gonna  look oh so good, so with that said three times a week, for six weeks isn’t too bad!

The two DVD’s are as follows-

1. Butt Blasting Cardio Step– Although i’m sweating buckets, this one is fun, and great to do with all your girlfriends, this workout is split into three ten minute combo’s; that gets your heart racing, while you kick on, off and around the step. This Butt blasting cardio will have you “cha cha charing” and booty shaking in no time.

2. Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt– This one will get you slim and trim, with curves, it really gets your butt, legs, carves and arms working. Make sure you cool down because if you skip this bit like I did, you’re sure to be sore the next day.

Fit In Your Jeans By Friday- Butt Blasting Cardio Step & Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt are avaliable now on DVD – Look out for Amazing Abs Body Sculpt, out on the 5th of March all RRPs £12.99

So for those killer curves, get off the sofa, put on that lycra and press play for a brand new hot-bod Kim Kardashian style!