maxphili-1Max Philisaire is a Haitian Fitness Model, up and coming Actor, and Private Personal Trainer best known for his muscular physique and intellectual outlook on life. He moved to Miami Beach In 2008 where he was featured in Rapper Trina’s music video “Single Again

His inspirational and motivational posters have been shot for distribution worldwide. The 2010-2011 calendars, fitness guide, and workout videos will be shot with the same concept which is to inspire and motive others to be fair to themselves and others while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Philisaire wants to brand himself not only as the Haitian male sex symbol but most importantly as a positive role model for all.

How did you break into the world of fitness?
Over the years, more results brought more attention and feedback which motivated me into personal training. More positive feedback motivated me to do more with the body so I started doing photo shoots. I posted images online and got the attention of fitness professional. They got me into fitness competitions and fitness magazines.

Can you let us into your daily fitness regime?
I have a protein shake in the morning, 10 egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. A chicken breast with pasta for lunch, and then a shake before and after working out. I train hard but not long. I spend approximately an hour in the gym for two muscle groups. It takes me 3 days to train all muscle groups. I play basketball for cardio once in a while.

What is your health food must?
Egg whites and oatmeal are breakfast routines. It’s like brushing my teeth, I just do it. I eat by the meal plan schedule and not by my hunger schedule. I don’t eat as much as I’d like because of my small appetite so I have a shake throughout the day between my meals.

What is your most rated exercise?
Dead lifts for my back, dumbbell chest press for my chest and barbell curl for my biceps.


Magazines appearances, which are your top 5?
I’m currently featured in Muscle and Fitness magazine. I have been featured in status fitness magazine, Hip Hop weekly magazine and Apollo male model magazine.

Do you have a grooming must?
I’m not a hairy guy but I always make sure I shave arm pits and the little chest hair that I do have to prepare for photo shoots

Rate yourself 1-10
I rate my body a 10, face a 7, and mind a 10

Finish the sentence; Ambition…
Ambition is living and surviving. If you don’t have it then you must search within yourself for it or you might as well be a walking dead.

Word by Lea James