A lot of women struggle and worry about regaining their figure after motherhood but Paulette shows Flavour that women needed fear getting a ‘baby bulge’ and if she hadn’t mentioned she was a yummy mummy we never would have guessed! Certainly not with that washboard stomach that is so powerful and enviable. So here to tell you a little bit more about how you can get a body like hers is Paulette…

Firstly, what got you into fitness modelling?

Well I was a former athlete. I was a 100m and 200m sprinter. And then after I had my daughter, I started to do fitness model competing and it kinda fell in with that really. So I basically fell into fitness modelling!

So other than fitness modelling, you’re also a nutritionist and a personal trainer?

Yes I am. I’ve got clients all over London. I also do online training for people all over the world. So for those who can’t come to me, I send them a programme and we’ll Skype and have progress meetings. So yeah that’s my job, my profession and I’m also a mum 24 hours a day.

Have you ever taken part in any fitness competitions?

I have yes. I competed twice last year in Canada. The category I do is fitness model so not as big as a body building female and not as soft a look as a bikini girl so I sort of come in the middle where it’s more of an athletic look. I’ve been to Italy to compete as well and here in the UK. I’m hoping to go Las Vegas at the end of the year too! It’s great. The good thing about my job is that it’s worldwide so I can travel to great places.

How do you feel when dressing up with such a defined, muscular body?

I actually grew up as a life-long tomboy! So a lot of the time you’ll find me in trainers. But I think because of the leg length I have and I have a butt and yes; I love my butt, it’s not necessarily dresses – but trousers tend to be a bigger problem in finding the length and also trousers that fit girls with a booty! But yeah, I love wearing heels and dressing up. It’s nice when I can go to my wardrobe and anything fits. It’s definitely a plus.

How important is keeping your curves when working out?

For me, it’s really key. Women mustn’t be afraid of doing resistance training whether its using their own body weight or actually using weights. It burns a lot of calories and it keeps you in great shape. It’s key, it’s vital. So women – don’t be afraid of picking up weights! It can only help you to get into a really tight toned beach body physique all year round.

What can women do to get that perfect booty at home?

You can do squats, lunges and body weight stuff. I always say to women, the best weight that you have is your own body weight. You don’t need to go to a gym. I do a lot of my training at home or a park. I train a lot of my clients in the park as well. All over body exercises is better than focusing on different muscle groups because they burn a lot of calories. You’re using the body as it is meant to be used which is to be used together. There’s a time for isolating different muscle groups but most women just want a toned all over look. So body weights, circuits and interval training are excellent forms. And you need minimal equipment!

What is your typical diet plan?

My typical diet plan is having a lot of protein. So protein and carbs are not the enemy ladies! Its really important you have protein, carbs and healthy fats. Those three things are key. So I always make sure I have protein, carbs and healthy fats. With carbs, you just have to know that you have to eat everything in moderation. Also as well, don’t always look at low fat products. They contain a lot of sugar. So we need to be aware of what we are eating. If you’re really not sure, just try and get a consultation with someone who can help. A lot of women are going wrong by eating a lot of low fat products and not realising they are laden with sugar and too much sugar in the body is going to cause a lot of excess weight.

Are you in the best shape you have ever been right now?

I believe so. Apart from when I was a 100m and 200m sprinter in my teens, I haven’t been in better shape than I am now. Competition shape is completely different as I’ll be a lot leaner but competition shape is just for stage and it’s not a physique that you can hold because it is so extreme. This is what I am happy with and how I like to look.

Is there a celebrity body out there you use for motivation?

I like Beyonce! A lot of sprinters out there as well. Denise Louise and Merlene Ottey who is a Jamaican sprinter. She’s 52 and just has an amazing physique! I get a lot of inspiration from sprinters because that is my background and I have a physique similar to that. I still do a lot of sprinting for training. It really is an excellent form. Strips body fat like you wouldn’t believe. I use that for a lot of my own training and for my clients as well.

Can you give us an essential tips to get that perfect summer body?

When you’re doing exercise, it’s important to do compound exercises that use more than one muscle group so big exercises that are using big muscles. The legs, back and chest are all big muscle groups. Make sure you are using all those as your body will just burn calories even when you’re sitting down. Even when you’re sleeping!

Are you single Paulette?

Yes I am single.

What do you look for in a guy?

I think to be honest, somebody who likes to train. Because for me this is a lifestyle and so it should be. Some people might think ‘oh she’s obsessed, she’s at the gym all day’ so I think if I had a partner who likes to train to, it would probably help. Also somebody who is just confident in themselves and we can work as a team which is important in any relationship. It should always be give and take.

Are men ever intimidated?

Yes! They either don’t approach me at all or they get their friend to approach me. But when they do approach me, they realise I am just a regular girl. Just because I’m fit doesn’t mean I’m suddenly gonna bite! I mean yeah I’m very laidback, extremely laid back. So don’t judge a book by its cover.

Ok finally just some fun questions. Complete the sentences: The naughtiest thing I’ve done is… (laughs) hmmm. Probably singing on a bus and my daughter just being mortified.

The way to impress me is… to be your self and not to be fake.

My superpower would be… to be super organised.

I would never leave my house without… my trainers!

The way to piss me off is… to tell me a lie.

Thank you for joining us at iCandy Studios. Finally what is your message to everyone out there?

You cannot put a price on your health so do whatever steps you need to do because it’s important. If you lose anything to do with your health, it’s very hard to get it back so jump on board

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Interview by Debbie Cotti.

Photography by Jon Lilley at and Simon Howard at Make up by Jux-a-pose Hair styling by Veowna Charles

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  1. Dear Paulette,

    You really are so lovely! Terribly sexy. Smooth and elegant but at the same time athletic and dynamic. You’ve got the most beautiful body and legs, honestly. What an absolute joy it is to see a video of you. I knew you would look good in motion, but I didn’t know how fabulous you would be, simply exercising. And in the interview you come across as completely sincere, bright, charming, and fun. You are utterly gorgeous, and I can’t get enough of you! Receiving your video link with iCandy yesterday left me speechless – I simply couldn’t believe one could get so much pleasure unexpectedly. Spent the rest of the day in a daze.

    Thank you so much for the video, but tell me if it is something that I can buy as a download, or on a disc. I’d love to watch it again and again (as if I haven’t already!). And are there any more photographs? How could anyone get enough of you? Beyonce is OK as a glamour figure, but you are sexier, more interesting and exciting. A comparison with Merlene Ottey is appropriate, but I know which one I prefer!

    It’s been a strange year, with the worst summer we’ve ever had. Thank heavens it cleared up a bit for the Olympics. But the best thing that’s happened all year is seeing and hearing Paulette Sybliss, whose name rhymes with Sigh and Bliss.

    Wishing you continued health and fitness, and any and all achievements you aim for.



  2. I hope iCandy can sell a download of Paulette’s ten-minute interview – it’s the nicest video I’ve ever seen. If it was the price of a DVD, I’d buy it instantly.

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