With the end of 2016 fast approaching, it’s time to reflect on the best interior design choices for 2016.

Below, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite rooms from the past year.

Newport Street Gallery, London

Although the home of the Damien Hirst art collection may not be a choice for your home improvements pin board, the architecture and stunning clean finish of the London Gallery was a firm favourite with critics and designers this year, allowing it to take home the Riba Stirling Prize for 2016. Described as a “poetic juxtaposition of old and new”, the property focuses on wooden spiral staircases and white brick walls, a sure inspiration for interior design trends for the year ahead.

Kia Designs, Knightsbridge

A recent renovation of a multi-million-pound property in Knightsbridge from the Kia Designs portfolio was a highlight of 2016. Their stunning interior design saw an entire apartment refurbishment, but the standout of the collection was undoubtedly the stunning floral-inspired en-suite bathroom. With a striking glass-case shower and marble walls and flooring, this room sets a standard for 2017 interior design, where walls and fixtures will adopt muted colours, while emphasis will be placed on statement flooring to emphasise space and elegance.


As another nominee for the Riba Stirling Prize, Outhouse in Gloucestershire features some of the most awe-inspiring interior design trends of 2016. The building’s main entertainment space offers spectacular views over the surrounding countryside and combines glamorous modern fittings with retro and traditional accessories that aid its sustainability and architectural charm. The room’s low ceilings and relaxed design choices are a clear sign of the future, as interiors come more fluid and interchangeable dependent on occasion.

Mama Shelter Hotel in Marseille

A trip through the Eurotunnel offers our next interior design extraordinaire in the form of the Mama Shelter Hotel. Designed by Phillipe Starck, the hotel’s room bring together unexpected combinations to create a modern and sophisticated twist. One guestroom, in particular, relies exclusively on concrete walls and white, modern fittings which are accentuated through lime green interior spaces.

Collett Zarzycki, Chelsea, London

Zarzycki’s latest project involved the renovation of a luxurious Chelsea apartment, and the result incorporates wide, open spaces with open-plan living. Our particular favourite is the apartment’s living room, which incorporates stunning square sofas and coffee tables, each with a mismatched design that works together in unison. By taking the colour out of some of the room’s biggest features – such as its walls, rugs and seating areas, and adding them to accessories like bookshelves and vases – Zarzycki has managed to create a space that is not only functional, but flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of guests through multiple situations and occasions.

By taking time out to study the interior design trends of 2016 – many of which are only beginning to enter the psyche of leading designers across the country and through Europe – you will be able to find a style that works for your home and keeps you at the cutting-edge of interior design.