Tulisa will allegedly not return to the new series of the X Factor. According to reports, the former N-Dubz songstress has reportedly been dropped by producers. There are plans on bringing back Sharon Osbourne, as well as giving the show a complete overhaul. If rumors are to be believed that Tulisa has been shown the door, the question: “Who should replace her?” begs an answer.

Whoever the female is, she needs to have a certain appeal that will keep viewers tuning in to see her every weekend, and, essentially, a successful career (past or present) within the music industry.  Who should replace the female boss? After much debate and pondering we’ve came up with a list of five females candidates who should take Tulisa’s judging seat.



Who: Lily Allen

Why: Pop bad girl Lily Allen is high on our wish list. The singer, who recently became a mum, has the credibility, Brit awards and boldness, plus she knows how to stand up for herself. The 27-year-old, known for her outspoken nature enjoyed phenomenal success with top 10 albums ‘Alright, Still ‘and ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You.’ Lily who recently set up her own record label would be excellent in developing hopefuls as a mentor on the show, and outside of the fact that Lily is funny with a huge persona, she’s also not camera shy at all.


Who:  Grace Jones

Why: The 61-year-old supermodel, Bond girl and pop star’s outrageous antics never fails to turn heads. Her remarkable gracefulness would no doubt go down well with viewers – young and old. And, judging the X Factor would be the perfect place for her to showcase her distinctive luscious fur coats and leopard. Although, we’re pretty certain her erratic and unpredictable nature would get in the way of this ever happening, we certainly wouldn’t mind seeing her in action…and we’re sure we’re not alone.

Sharon Osbourne ring found

Who: Sharon Osbourne

Why: Reports suggest that Sharon Osbourne — who was previously a judge between 2004 and 2007 recently met with Cowell to discuss a possible return. An X Factor source told The People: “…A return for Sharon is certainly the way things are looking at the moment,” the reality TV star, who is credited for reviving Ozzy’s music career, ultimately deserves a second chance. She’s sassy, playful and roguish with a blunt personality. Surely, that’s enough reasons for her to resuscitate that X Factor seat alongside Lou—Lou, right?



Who:  Rihanna

Why: The Sun recently reported, “Simon is a huge admirer of Rihanna and knows she’s star quality. As well as bringing an aura to the panel … She is also feisty and will make great TV.” There’s no denying, Rihanna has all the necessary experience, thanks to her current domination in the national charts. With more than 25 million records sold worldwide, the Bajan-beauty has a leg over her competitors. And, in addition to all of that, she is forever appearing on the show as a guest performer, which is exactly why she should be a permanent figure.



Who:  Mel B

Why: Scary Spice herself, Mel B, has long been rumored to be heading for the judging table. However, as she is currently a judge on X Factor Australia — there might be just a little problem for her to jump ships. Following her guest slot as a judge on last year’s series, the former Spice girl unleashed her Scary side, causing quite a stir after telling an elderly granddad that he had bored her to tears. If producers are in search of a female version of Cowell — Mel B should be number-one choice. Without question, she would also be a natural fit for the show, thanks to her jaw-dropping outbursts.