taking care of your car

Do you sometimes look at your scruffy car and wonder why it is that you are constantly breaking down and pouring money into the upkeep of your vehicle when others seem to always have a pristine car that never gives them a lick of trouble?

You need to know the following five car care secrets that will ensure that you move from the first group into the second!

Ongoing Process

For car owners, maintenance and care is an ongoing process. Check your vehicle over at least once a month, and more often if you drive a lot. Look for things like body damage, chips in the windows and windscreens, and the state of your wheels and tyres. By picking up small problems quickly and repairing them while it is still quick and easy (and cheap!) to do so, you will save yourself a great deal of inconvenience later.

Careful Use

Your vehicle may represent your freedom, independence and your adulthood, but it is also a tool, and tools should be carefully looked after and used appropriately maintained. For a car, this means driving at a safe and sensible speed, avoiding stunts like ‘donuts’ and handbrake turns, and generally being aware that while your car is big, heavy and strong it is also a relatively delicate piece of machinery with multiple moving parts, any of which could fail if treated too harshly.

Regular Services

Every car comes with a recommended servicing schedule. It can be tempting to shrug off a service as not really necessary as the car seems to be running perfectly, but this can be a huge mistake. Sometimes problems start off very small and you will not become aware of them until it is too late and you are looking at a costly repair bill and the annoyance of not having your car at your disposal while it is fixed. Yorkshire has some of the best garages in town but you have to choose after being mindful of your vehicle needs. So, if you are looking to book car servicing in Pontefract you can visit Ossett Tyre House and reserve your appointment online.

Route Planning

Even the most careful driver can incur vehicle damage if the road being driven upon is in poor condition. When you are going to be travelling a lot, using roads that are unknown to you, make sure you do some research and ensure that you choose a route that comprises good roads that enjoy regular upkeep and thus are not pot-holed and covered with loose gravel and stones that could damage your car.

Take Care of Your Care, Take Care of the Planet

Poorly maintained cars spew out toxic chemicals and drip oil and fuel onto the ground. This is bad for your health and that of those around you, as well as being a sign that your car is not in a good way. Looking after your car also means that it does not need to be replaced quickly, which represents a saving on the high-ecological impact of new car manufacturing. Telling yourself that good car maintenance is environmentally friendly and a good way of reducing your carbon footprint might provide you with a little more motivation to keep you in your car maintenance routine!

Image via Unsplash