We love so many things about District 3 but here are a few of our favourite features that stand out when we think of the boys.

dan-dimples1) Dan’s dimples

Mr Ferrari-Lane deserves an award for his cute dimples, which girls up and down the country simply adore. Appearing when the Welsh singer smiles, they are almost additional members of the boy band. 3eeks love to see these two little indentations which naturally put a smile on their faces too. Dan’s distinctive dimples complete the perfect face.

2) Greg’s quick wit

greg's-witGreg has the ultimate sense of humour, cracking jokes at any given opportunity. From comparing his appearance to Ellen DeGeneres – only with a slightly bigger quiff, to his hilarious laugh which is often funnier than the actual joke, he has everyone in stitches. This cheeky chappy gives everyone the giggles with his fast thinking and quick responses to questions.

Whilst on their 3eek Out Tour, and about to perform Ed Sheeran’s ‘Give Me Love’, Greg got the crowd laughing when he asked “Does anyone know the words?”. After a positive response from fans, Greg added “Good, because we don’t!”. This once again showed his great banter which 3eeks love him for.

micky's-cheeky-smile3) Micky’s cheeky smile

Who could resist this charming grin? It’s enough for him to light up a room or weave his way out of any sort of trouble. Micky’s contagious smile from ear to ear is without a doubt enough to melt the hearts of the nation. Of course, we can’t forget his glowing eyes that come with it which is all part of the Parsonator’s charm. With a smirk as radiant as his, he’s certainly got a lot to be smiling about.

4) Harmonies

District 3 are renowned for their perfect harmonies. The incredible blend of their voices is enough to send the nation into a frenzy. Greg, Micky and Dan always seem to know which one of them would suit each song verse and together never fail to amaze audiences. Fans can be confident that District 3 will deliver an outstanding vocal performance of any song thrown at them.

5) Backflips

Not only can these boys sing, but they could certainly give Aston Merrygold a run for his money with their ability to perform consecutive backflips whilst on stage. The boys have perfected these trademark stunts on their X Factor performances ‘Beggin’ as well as ‘Dynamite’, along with various shows they’ve done across the UK, impressing the girls every time. But this skill needs some District 3 team work in order to be carried as well as they do: Micky continuing to sing whilst holding the microphones, Greg used as the support for take-off, and Dan executing the move, is just one way they divide up the roles. These twists and flips are something their fans will definitely never get tired of.


By Tara and Gemma Goulding



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