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Many people make it their aim to become rich, but almost everyone has a different idea on how to achieve this.

Not every route to becoming wealthy is easy, but some are easier than others – although nothing is guaranteed.

So how could you earn enough to turn your life around, and find the streets paved in gold?

Getting a job

A regular salary is the best way to start building up some wealth. The more you get paid, the more you can accumulate and the faster you can get rich. Building up your CV or working hard to get a promotion could help you move up the ranks, and start earning more.

According to the Office for National Statistics, brokers were the highest earning profession in 2015 at £128,231. This includes stock brokers, traders and foreign exchange dealers. So if you have a head for numbers and spotting decent companies, it may be time to head down to the London Stock Exchange. Realistically, you will need a lot of training and experience to get to the top salaries, and the jobs with the most money come with a lot of pressure.

Winning the lottery

At £2 a ticket, winning a substantial amount like £50 million on the lottery is a pretty good return. You could pay off the mortgage, go on a dream holiday and finally buy that sports car. Although, there is a 1 in 14million chance of actually winning the jackpot.

In 2002, Mike McDermott overcame all the odds by winning the lottery for a second time in four months, believed to be a 1 in 5.4trillion chance.

It is not a lot of money to spend on a ticket for the chance to win, but over time the costs could mount up. However, you would be gutted if you keep the same numbers for a long time then stopped one day, only for them to come up in the next draw.

Marrying a millionaire

Marrying for love is usually a safer bet than marrying for money. But if you can find a spouse with money, then you may well be set for a comfortable lifestyle. Just make sure you are happy as a divorce could be even more expensive when there is lots of wealth involved. You may also have to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, which could mean you end up with nothing.

Inheriting a fortune

Losing a loved one can be a tragic and emotional time. Some relatives though, may have assets such as property or other wealth stored up which is to be passed on.

After John Walton – son of Walmart founder Sam Walton – died, his wife Christy Walton inherited his fortune. She is now said to be worth $22.5 billion.

However, remember that there may still be taxes to pay on an inheritance, and ultimately you will have lost a loved one.

Win a casino game

From blackjack to poker, doing well at the card tables could hold the key to your riches. But, you should always bet responsibly as you are never guaranteed a win.

Different casino games will have different odds, so play your cards right to maximise your chances. For example, Blackjack is just about having two cards and getting the closest to 21, but there is always the chance of going bust. With poker you need to be good at reading others and bluffing with your own hand. With roulette you have more chances to win but will need to know when best to cash out.

The odds of a bust in blackjack depend on your hand and what others have been dealt. For example, if you had a 16, your odds of a bust are 62 percent, as a high card could easily harm your hand. If you had a 12 the odds of a bust are lower at 31 percent as there is a higher range of numbers that could get you to 21.

In roulette, if you were betting on evens, the odds of two consecutive wins is 23.7 percent, or 2.7 percent for five wins

You would need a lot of visits to get rich, so remember to also enjoy yourself and any money you can make.

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