They say you should never play with fire but ‘they’ probably never came across Flame. Some of you may remember Rebecca London from her feature a while back and she’s a bit of an all-rounder. So when she got in touch with me saying that she managed a few girls and would I be interested in showing them off on iCandy I naturally said ‘Ok show me some pics’ so she did. After I saw a few samples I said ‘Christ yes!’ I don’t need much persuading when I see decent pics and when you see what Flame sent me through you‘ll see why… Get you asbestos sunglasses on cos this Flame is HOT!

So Flame, welcome to iCandy, How are you doing?

Thank you for welcoming me, I’m great thanks, been partying in Birmingham all weekend (Laughs).

Now, I’m going to go straight to your shots – jeeeeeez they are amazing! What got you into modelling?

Thank you! I wanted to make a calendar for my ex boyfriend and also people said I could do it, friends and stuff – so I did!

‘Ex’ boyfriend?? How interesting…You’ve been shot by some great togs – who’s been good to work with?

Steve Berlyn was great – I felt really relaxed and comfortable

What do you think makes a good shot – do you have much input into your sets?

Yes I do, but sometimes you have to model for the photographers booking too and I understand that. A good shot for me is capturing me when I’m smilling, to pose can look over done and fake!

What’s your goals and ambitions?

To be as successful as I can be in modelling and push myself, stay motivated and travel!

You’ve been in a few videos – who’s have you been in and who’s did you think was the best?

The most recent was Ike’s and it was also the best because I could show my acting skills I had to act like his lady.. I was the only girl in video so it felt good!

You’ve also been in a Radox ad – was that much fun to do or was it quite intimidating to have a bath in front of a whole crew?

No not really, I’m confident and you need to be as otherwise it shows through in your work.

This is true… You look sensational – I take it that that’s attributable to the fact that you’re also a personal trainer – are you a nice personal trainer or one of those sadistic ones?

I’m aggressive but I have my own style, and thanks again but Nooo! I believe its genetics, I’ve got good genes!! XX

Good genes huh? Are you single?

I’m single now, yes indeed!

Well well! So what do you look for in a guy?

I look for loyalty and good companionship; there’s quite a lot actually … That’s probably why I’m single – I’m fussy and also I need the person to inspire me

You can dance freestyle to almost anything – Is music important to you? What’s on you iPod?

Music is very important to me yes, I love dancing, house music always makes me feel good – even when I’m sad

Yeah I’m the same – good choice! What do you like to do to relax?

I’m not very good at relaxing, but a spa sounds nice!!

What’s the wildest or craziest thing you’ve ever done?

I can’t tell! It’s a secret!!! Sorry!

Damn! What is your biggest turn on?

The mind and feelings; I have to be feeling them and then just the smallest touch or glance can turn me on!

What’s the weirdest thing that to ever happen to you on a date?

Nothing weird!!! Just bad experiences!! (Laughs)

Complete the sentences: I never leave the house without…Money!

My favourite food is…Lobster

The way to win my heart is…To be true and respect me

The things that make me laugh are…Comedy (Laughs) or myself acting up!

My pet peeve is…Pet peeve? What on earth is that!??

Flame it’s been great to have you – I’d love you to come along and do an iCandy video shoot sometime – maybe you could do an iCandy workout video! Before you go though, what’s your parting message?

Peace love and unity!!!! And stay positive and focused!! Thanks for having me! XxX Flame J Emin

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Interview by Gareth Long



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