foot_Petalskiller_kushionzWith photos of Victoria Beckham’s unsightly bunions splashed across the newspapers this week, many women will be tempted to throw away their teetering heels in favour of ballet pumps. 

But unsupportive flat shoes can be just as bad for the health of your feet.

That’s according to foot care specialists, the UK home of the Foot Petal insole range. 

“Women often assume that switching to flat shoes will save their feet from problems like bunions and calluses,” says Glendon Lloyd, founder of the website.

“But often ballet pumps offer inadequate support for the foot, leading to poor posture and excessive pressure on joints.

“An easy solution is to invest in high orthopaedic quality insoles from the Foot Petal range.

“They will protect your feet no matter what 
shoes you choose to wear.”

The range, endorsed by the American Podiatric Medical Association, has taken the US by storm and now, thanks to, they are available in the UK.

  • Tip Toes insoles cushion the balls of your feet, which stops them sliding forward and prevents ugly toe overhang with high heeled sandals.
  • Killer Kushionz are the first ever full insoles that can also be worn in open toe shoes and sandals – making even the highest killer heels comfortable.
  • Heavenly Heelz are multi-functional cushion insoles that not only protect your heels against rubbing and blisters, but can also be used at the inside top of a mule or boot to ease friction and protect your hosiery.
  • Amazing Arches provide support for the arch of the foot. They work with the body’s natural shock absorption system to reduce foot fatigue.
  • Finally, Sexy Soles are customisable insoles to provide ultimate comfort for the entire foot- especially great in flats and boots.

The innovative design allows you to trim to fit all shoe shapes.

And to make sure your new shoes stay stylish, also sells protectors to prevent the length of the heel from snapping, and caps to stop the heel tip from chipping or slipping.

Words by Lea James


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